What is Hexfit ?

Our mission is to develop the best customer monitoring tools for health and physical activity professionals so they can optimize their day-to-day activities. Nothing more!

Who are we ?

We are a team of geeks and programmers who envisioned a better way to help healthcare professionals manage and support their clients.

Who do we work with?

Health professionals! Despite our strong desire to challenge the status quo in the health industry, we rely on the expertise of the best professionals in a variety of different fields to ensure Hexfit meets their needs.

What is our mission?

To optimize the achievement of your clients' objectives! Hexfit was designed to give health professionals the opportunity to provide superior service to their clients, improve their productivity, and increase profitability.

Do you have a project?

We offer our technological support to research in the field of physical activity! Research projects in the field of physical activity often involve the development of a technological tool. This is a real hindrance for researchers because of the high costs associated with such development. That's why Hexfit puts their expertise and software at their disposal to improve this aspect with Hexplorations.

They trust us

Gyms & clinics

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Education Establishments

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Our partners