HEXPERT OF NUTRITION Explore the different options available to create & share programs with your clients, and analyze how they are being completed.

Manage Foods

Theory The foods section of the nutrition module allows you to find all the foods that you will use to create nutrition plans. Hexfit holds a complete bank of foods that is categorized in different groups of foods. To find the food that you are looking for, you...

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Manage Recipes

Theory The recipes section will allow you to create they recipes that you will use in your nutrition plans. To create a recipe, simply click on the “add a recipe” button in the upper right corner. Once the recipe is created, it will be available in...

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Templates, All Plans, Drafts

Theory The “Plans” section is the area where you can manage all the plans you have created, are creating, and will create. It has been separated into three sections to help you remain organized; templates, all plans, and drafts.     The Template section is a place you...

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Plan Information

Theory To create a new nutrition plan, simply click on the button “+create” in the upper right corner of the “plans” section. The creation of a nutrition plan is divided in three steps: Information->Design>Confirmation. You can always know what step you are...

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Design the Plan

Theory The second step of the plan’s creation is to design it. That section divides the page in two parts. On the left hand side you can see the meals for the different days of the week and on the right is the list of foods, recipes and models that you can use for you...

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Share with clients

Theory The last step of the creation of the nutrition plan is the confirmation, where you can first publish the plan to make it active in the client’s file. As long as the plan is not published, it is considered as a draft, which is not visible by the clients. A plan...

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