Privacy policy

This document introduces you to the Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the  "Policy" ) set up by Hexfit Solutions Inc. (hereinafter  "Hexfit" or "we" ), the owner and manager of the application (hereinafter referred to as "Hexfit" or "we" ). after: the "Application" ) offered on the site located at the URL address  or any other address that may be added or substituted (hereinafter: the  "Site" ) .This Policy applies the acts of Hexfit with respect to the personal information and, as the case may be, confidential and / or sensitive information (hereinafter collectively the  "Information").) natural persons and companies that have registered, as the case may be, as users or as professionals (hereinafter, as the context requires: the  "user (s)" , the the  "professional (s)"  or  "you" ).
This policy informs you about how we maintain the confidentiality of your personal and / or sensitive information and respect your privacy.



What is meant by "personal information"?

A "personal information" is information about a person that identifies him or her. For example, personal information may relate to the name, contact information, access code to a website and sensitive, confidential or private information about the financial, medical, etc., of the person.


1. How do I collect my Information?

Hexfit collects your Information (Image, Message, Document, etc.) within the limits of what is necessary for its mission. To register on the Site as a user of the Service and open an account giving you access to the various features offered, we collect certain mandatory information to identify you, which include, in particular, your email address, a password (confidential ) of your choice, your name (s) and first name (s), occupation, gender, your birth date, if you act for a company and, if applicable, its name and title, your full address or as appropriate, that of the company, your telephone and fax numbers.

All Personally Identifiable Information entered in your account will only be accessible by you, by Hexfit for administrative purposes only, and by Professionals and / or Users with the necessary permissions.

Several other Information, such as physical and medical data may be collected by Hexfit through the Professionals while performing their duties, or by yourself.

a. Sharing of information between users and professionals

i. With regard to users

Professionals registered in the Application are subject to the rules of ethics applicable to all members of their professional order, including the rule of professional secrecy. The latter are also committed to maintaining the confidentiality of any information received and / or exchanged with users in connection with the Application, regardless of the existence of a professional-client relationship or mandate, and to use this information only in accordance with the strict terms and conditions to which they have agreed.

ii. With regard to professionals

All information in the profiles of professionals are accessible by their client registered in the Application and by Hexfit for administrative purposes only. Registered professionals have acknowledged and consented to this information being made public in connection with the use of the Site by users.


2. How do I use my Information?

Please be assured that Hexfit will not sell, share or otherwise exchange your Information with third parties without your consent except as necessary to fulfill your instructions or in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Policy.

If we ever wish to use or disclose your Information for purposes other than those specifically described in this Policy, we are committed to obtaining your consent. Depending on the nature of the information and the applicable legislative or regulatory requirements, your consent may be provided orally, or by way of a form or correspondence or, in some cases, implicitly if your consent may be clearly found.

Your Information is used as follows:

a. As part of the management of our services

Generally, we use your Information for the performance of our services, as more fully described in Section 1 hereof, and in some cases to resolve technical problems.

You can access the Information and general information contained in your account and modify it at any time.

Once registered, we use your email address to contact you as needed. You agree to keep it active for the duration of your use of the Site. If you change your details, you must make the change to your account as soon as possible.

b. As part of the services offered by our external suppliers (subcontractors)

Hexfit can rely on external suppliers as a subcontractor to provide superior service in specific areas. In this context, some of your Information may be transmitted to these suppliers. These suppliers agree to abide by this Policy and must use the Information transmitted solely in connection with the services intended for Hexfit.

However, should these external providers wish to request additional information directly from you (e.g. to analyze your use of the services), you will be notified in advance. If you decide to provide this information, the external provider's privacy policy will apply to this communication.

c. In the context of a legal obligation

Hexfit may have access to your Information and disclose it to the appropriate persons or authorities if it is necessary to comply with legal obligations or to obey a court order, to protect and defend its rights or to enforce the terms and conditions of use of the Site and the services offered there.

d. Google APIs

Hexfit use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

3. How is my Information protected?

Hexfit complies with, among other things, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada and the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector of Quebec. Hexfit uses various measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your Information. These measures are intended to prevent the loss or theft of your Information, as well as their unauthorized reproduction, modification, use, consultation and disclosure. Our Site is secure using industry-recognized technologies, including SSL.

Only authorized personnel may have access to your Information for the purposes set out herein or dictated by the service offered. Agreements are also signed between Hexfit and its employees and subcontractors for the use of your Information in a manner consistent with this Policy and any applicable law, rule and regulation.

However, as no system is infallible, we can not guarantee the absolute security of your Information.


4. Do you use Cookies ?

A cookie is a small text file that contains a unique identification number that is transferred from the Site to your computer's hard drive ( "Cookies" ). A Witness makes it possible to identify the users of the Site and to follow some of their activities on the Site.

Hexfit uses cookies solely for the purpose of improving the quality of its Site and its services, for example, to know the attendance statistics of the Site and its various features or to provide the user with a better browsing experience. the Site, for example, by remembering your choices during a previous visit to the Site.

All Intelligence gathered by Hexfit with the help of Witnesses is in accordance with this Policy.


5. How long do I keep my Information?

Hexfit will retain your Information indefinitely for the proper functioning and use of the services offered on the Site and will only use your Information for the purposes for which it is intended.

To allow you to have the best possible access to the information you have entered in your profile, as long as your account is open, we keep them so that, for example, you can trace a message that you have sent, an intervention created or consult your list of contacts.

Information collected in the course of statistical analysis may be kept for an indefinite period, provided that these reports do not identify you or access other information that concerns you personally.


6. Who ensures the accuracy and updating of my Information?

The creation and management of your account and profile is your sole responsibility. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the Information and any other information in your account is accurate and up-to-date.


7. Can the Policy be changed?

This Policy may be updated from time to time. Hexfit reserves the right to modify this at will, adding or deleting certain modalities.

To help you identify changes to the Policy, as applicable, we will clearly post the change dates visibly on the Policy and / or in a space provided on the Site.

8. Right to access and modify your data

Any request related to the exercise of your rights must be sent to the address [email protected]: modification, rectification or deletion of all or part of the data. This request must include a maximum of information so that it can be processed upon receipt within a maximum of two months: for example, people must specify the requested e-mail address and for which they are sending the request in order to facilitate searches.


9. Data transferred outside the European Union

If Hexfit Solutions Inc. communicates personal data to a third party located outside the European Union, measures are taken to ensure that said data will benefit from the same level of protection as that imposed by the European Union in data protection matters.



10. How can I contact Hexfit?

If you have any questions about this Policy, its latest updates, our practices relating to the collection or use, retention and disclosure of your Information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or email. the next address :

Hexfit Solutions Inc.
CP 70172 SUCC Québec-Centre
Quebec City, CA
G2J 0A2

Last update: 24 May 2022