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Your clients rely on you to achieve their personal goals. Count on Hexfit to help you: keep in touch, analyze their progress and motivate them, while saving precious time!
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The best customer care

Because your follow-up makes all the difference, Hexfit is focused - like you - on achieving your clients' fitness goals.


  • Complete life log from aggregated data from connected watches, training data, physical tests
  • Visual analysis of evolutions
  • Motivational alerts and alerts about the physical condition
  • Customizable documents
  • Automatically send surveys
  • Planning and periodization customer objectives

Your integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Hexfit is the only personal trainer software to integrate a real assistant present everywhere in the software.

Manage ALL your activity on one platform

Create training programs


  • Suitable for any type of care
  • Planning and management of follow-ups customers thorough


+10 000 animated exercises


  • Vast: All areas
  • Scalable: +60 new exercises per month
  • Your requests added for free
  • Accompanied by illustrations, animations and clear instructions
  • Customisable as you wish!

Management Tools


  • Company reports
  • Planning and periodization
  • Remote coaching
  • Your activities gathered in one place
  • Online payment
  • Management of sessions and appointments

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A customizable mobile app

Closer to your customers even remotely with the mobile app


  • Complete and interactive training program
  • Food diary
  • Making appointments and booking sessions smoothly
  • Sharing results graphs
  • Messaging and videoconferencing
  • Easy invoicing and payments
  • Adapt the colors and the logo to your image

♥ Favorite features


Physical assessments

Thanks to Hexfit’s software, all your physical tests will be easier to manage. The software contains more than 140 physical tests by default. Online physical tests also have the chance to be 100% personalized.

Video Integrations

With just a few clicks, you can integrate your YouTube or Vimeo videos (even if they are private) into your customers' programs. Insert the video URL into the desired exercise and you’re done!

Automated time and task management

The tab called "Today" acts as a personal assistant by recalling important events such as goals achieved, anniversaries, decreased motivation, programs expiring, appointments, etc. Synchronizing pro and customer calendars allows for simplified management.

Automated circuits

Quickly and easily create circuits of all types for your customers who will then be able to do their exercises without touching their phone thanks to the stopwatch and audible signals.


Manage training groups efficiently

Data and Analysis

Track progress and manage your body data

Online invoicing and payment

Manage invoicing and follow-up of customer payments


History of interventions and future tasks


Nutritional plans

Integrates a comprehensive food database

Smart connected devices

Automatically sync Polar, Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, etc.

Planning and periodization

Optimize planning for long-term customer goals

Customer service present at all times

We're here to help you maximize the potential of Hexfit and tailor it to your needs. Always with a smile!


Satisfaction rate

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In Short

A flexible software, a complete app, attentive and responsive team ... Whether you are a self-employed or coach in a gym, Hexfit will meet your needs perfectly!

Good software, very complete. helps a lot to keep a good customer record. some small bugs, but it's not enough. I recommend it to all professionals.


AWESOME ! Training periodization software for the desired number of weeks - Custom program creation - Possibility to create our own exercises in the software for more customization - Creation of physical evaluations - Sharing of documents - Thank you HEXFIT! When we learn the software, we become so fast that our work of evaluation-planning-creation-adjustments is facilitated. ⭐️????♀️?♂️??


Hexfit is my 'go-to' software for designing my client exercise programs. Easy to use and reliable.



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