Physical Tests

Create custom physical tests

Completely centralize your healthcare business on Hexfit by creating custom physical tests.

Custom Builder

Build your own physical tests

Drag and drop the modules you need in the order you want  

Create an infinite number for free


Fill it Out

Easily complete physical tests with your client

Let Hexfit automatically calculate the data you input 


Automatic Classification

Get immediate results from your physical tests

Let Hexfit automatically compare your client's results to norm 


Custom Reports

Automatically view your client's results in a report 

Share the reports with your clients

Track your client's imformation, data and results overtime


Centralize Information

Enjoy a single point of connection to manage everything

Completely centralize all your client's information on Hexfit


Organize your Files

Have your physical tests automatically save in your client's file

Allow your client's tests to be auto-filed 

Live in a paperless world