At Hexfit, we have two major purposes :

#1  Value the services of physical activity pros while facilitating their daily tasks to maximize the achievement of health goals for as many people as possible.

#2  Grow the physical activity, fitness, sport and health industry by providing free educational resources to professionals.

In the end, we work towards a healthier world, all together.

Our journey towards goals achievment


Etienne Dubois was a student with a passion for development and entrepreneurship. He then had the idea of developing an application that would allow everyone to create personalized programs, for their own use.


After several months of work and development, Étienne created a tool that allowed the management of multiple clients without sacrificing the personalized accompaniment of goals: Hexfit’s first official version! This was the very first tracking software dedicated to Canadian kinesiologists.


From the 2nd year, Etienne got surrounded with trusted collaborators such as Physigraphe, committed to the same perspective of the profession. The team and the company then experienced rapid growth in 21 countries, and remained renowned for its great flexibility and customer service responsiveness.


The Hexfit office officially opens its doors in Quebec City! It is during this big year of programming that the nutrition features will be developed.


Hexfit continues its development in Europe! The users of the software are spreading to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and all French-speaking countries in Europe.


The evolving database reached 10,000 illustrated exercises, thanks to the hard work of the team in collaboration with our faithful partner; Physigraphe.


The Hexfit software is now available in Spanish, which allows its development in Spanish-speaking countries. Hexfit users are spreading in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and all other Spanish-speaking countries. In 2021, the Hexfit team expanded internationally, thanks to the new possibilities brought by telecommuting.


In 2022, the mobile app dedicated to Hexfit users was completely redesigned. During this year, the first ever Hexfit Tour in France will take place!


Hexfit launches Let's Mooove: the very first database to list fitness professionals who accompany their clients on an individualized journey.

Notre cheminement vers l’atteinte d’objectifs


Alors qu’Étienne Dubois était un étudiant passionné de développement et d’entrepreneuriat. Il a alors en tête de développer une application qui permettrait à chacun de créer des programmes personnalisés, pour sa propre utilisation.


Après plusieurs mois de travail et de développement, Étienne met sur pied un outil permettant de gérer plus de clients, sans sacrifier le suivi personnalisé des objectifs: la première version officielle du logiciel Hexfit! Ce fut le tout premier logiciel de suivi dédié aux kinésiologues canadiens.


Dès la 2e année, Étienne s’entoura de collaborateurs de confiance comme Physigraphe, engagés dans la même démarche d’écoute de la profession. L’équipe et l’entreprise connue alors une croissance rapide sur 21 pays, renommé pour sa grande flexibilité et la réactivité du service client.


Ouverture des bureaux Hexfit


Développement de Hexfit en France


La banque évolutive franchit les 10 000 exercices


Développement de Hexfit en Espagne


Expansion à l’international de l’équipe
Refonte complète de l’application mobile

Depuis, Hexfit évolue toujours en impliquant les professionnels dans les réflexions de développement et demeure le pionnier leader dans l’accompagnement coordonné des objectifs santé. Un suivi interprofessionnel et complet, où se retrouvent Kinésiologues, Préparateurs physiques, Coachs sportifs, nutritionnistes et Physiothérapeutes du monde entier.

Hexfit continues to evolve by involving professionals in its development and remains the leading pioneer in the coordinated tracking of health objectives. An interprofessional and complete follow-up, where Kinesiologists, Fitness Trainers, Sports Coaches, Nutritionists and Physiotherapists from all over the world are brought together.

Hexfit Partners

At Hexfit, we make sure to collaborate with renowned companies and associations in the physical activity industry to maximize the impact we have on people's health.

Our outstanding team

The Hexfit team is completely dedicated to creating a flexible and customizable software.

We make sure that every team member understands the importance of user feedback to improve the tools we develop.

Etienne Dubois

You've probably already seen him in a conference, a Webinar or a Podcast. Étienne is the headliner (and founder) of the company.

Samuel Rochette

Sam is always there to help you maximize your use of the software. If Mathieu hasn't taken your call, Sam will.

Mathieu Gagne

We also call him Mr. Online Help! You can find Mat behind the chat, on the phone and by email. He's always ready to help you.

Antoine Vanderstichelen

Straight from Belgium, Antoine is always ready to help others. As a personal trainer for over 15 years, he has all the expertise to guide you!


Whatever the challenge, Jade always manages to exceed expectations! Her inexhaustible creativity and resourcefulness make her a true marketing goldmine.

Barbara Manivet

Great fan of brainstorms, Barbara is in charge of the European partners and annoys Camille with her square management methods.

Patrick Martel

Patrick works day and night (literally) to develop and improve Hexfit features. He's also an expert when it comes to dad jokes.

Camille Boutin

Passionate about design, she loves using her creativity to develop new projects and ensure that our image stays on trend.

What makes Hexfit different?


Hexfit brings together fitness professionals and experienced developers in order to create the best features for program creation, client tracking and nutrition. Our software has been specifically designed around our vision of accompaniment 360, a vision which allows you to make a comfortable living from your profession by actually helping your clients. We truly believe that we have created the highest quality solution for objective follow-up on the market. We are constantly listening to professionals in order to generate an average of 15 updates per year that meet their needs.

The 360° coaching method

The accompaniment 360° is the central vision that guides our development at Hexfit. It is the result of reflections about the future of fitness professionals and gyms. Principles that will considerably  reduce the dropout rate, increase customer satisfaction and increase your revenue. With this vision, Hexfit has developed the best goal tracking software.

What makes Hexfit different?

A unique vision

With + than 10 years of experience in the field of software and fitness, Hexfit has a clear vision about the real needs of your clients. 

This vision is the accompaniment 360.

Priority = Service

With an average response time of 2 minutes, our customers are constantly surprised by our efficacity. The service dimension is so important to help you maximize the software that we are always there to help you. 

Contact us to find out!

A flexible software

Everyone is unique, and at Hexfit we understand it. That’s why we have created a software that can be customized depending on your way of working. A software where every component can be modified for you without difficulty. 

Talk to a Hexpert!