Billing and appointment software - For modern sports coaches and trainers

Reduce significantly the administrative burden and the error rate by automating your billing and your schedule management. You will be able to focus on the core of your profession, because Hexfit takes care of the rest!

Hexfit in number is:

in average 3,5 hours saved per week

in average +82% of service revenues

in average +42% of members followed up

in average +300% of members commitment (or 3x more)

Billing for your services

In the software for creating training programs, you will be able to invoice and follow up on your clients’ payments. You will also be able to keep track of the number of sessions paid if you work with a bank of sessions. 

Since the software centralizes all the information in one place, you will reduce administration time while significantly reducing the risk of errors. 

Online payment

Regardless of your billing method, Hexfit software can simplify this task. 

Whether it’s a subscription, session bank or one-time payment, the process is just as quick and instinctive for you as it is for your clients. 

You will be able to view each client's balance and outstanding invoices in their files and even send payment alerts. This way, billing will no longer be a daunting task, but an automated process.

Appointment and reminders automated management

With the help of Hexfit, you will be able to easily synchronize your schedule with your clients’ schedule and thus, simplify the scheduling of appointments.