Personal Trainer Intake Forms

Centralize all your intake forms as a personal trainer in order to save valuable time, avoid oversights and ensure a quality accompaniment. 

Intake forms and documents centralized in the client file

Filing intake forms has never been easier: all the information is centralized in the Hexfit software! Of course, all these documents are customizable and you can import your own documents.

Your clients will no longer have to contact you to find their documents, the information is at their fingertips!

Personal trainer Intake Forms

Customized documents and physical data

General information (weight, height, basal metabolism, etc.)

Body composition (BMI, % muscle and fat mass, etc.)

Skin folds

Aerobic capacity (VO2max, MAS)

Physical tests (vertical jump, grip strength, 1RM, etc.)

And many more!

Files and notes follow-ups software 

Our software gathers a wide variety of information about your client, which will allow you to offer them high quality services by building a complete file through teleconsultation. Your client follow-up will be optimized! Among this information, you will find:

Medical and allergy information

History of injuries

Specific notes

Activity calendar

History of interventions

SMART goals

Document drop box

Hexfit in numbers, it's :

3,5 hours saved per week

+82% of service revenues

+42% of members followed up

+300% of member commitment (or 3x more)

Customer satisfaction rate of 97%

Synchronize to smart watches and consumer applications

Gain complete insight into your clients' progress with app-connected smartwatches. Automatically collect data on body stats, set fitness goals, and keep track of personal bests. Unlock a wealth of data by connecting to your clients' preferred watches.

You will automatically get data from:

Appointment and reminders automated management

With the help of Hexfit you will be able to easily synchronize your schedule with your clients’ schedule and thus, simplify the scheduling of appointments for groups or individuals.

Planification and periodization

In order to reach your clients' goals, Hexfit offers the possibility to create workouts and a visual periodization of the needs of your clients. With this feature, you will be able to optimize the planning of your clients' long term goals.

Physical tests

Create your custom physical tests directly in Hexfit (or use one of the 125 pre-configured tests). Once created, complete your assessments directly in Hexfit and let the software calculate your results and transfer them to the client's file for further analysis.

Goals visualization

With Hexfit, goal and sub-goal planification is fast and intuitive. Your client will be able to view their objectives and progress all the time.

You will receive alerts when a goal is reached or when a goal is due. This way, you can coach your clients and make changes to their programs or set new goals.

Visual analysis of the evolution

You can easily generate visual analyses of your clients' progress. This way, they will be able to visualize their progress and continue their journey thanks to this source of motivation!

Motivation and fitness slumps

When a client's results indicate a drop in motivation or performance, you will be automatically notified. This way, you will be able to intervene at the right moment and prevent an imminent drop-out.

Customizable documents

In Hexfit, you will find a bank of documents that will be useful to accompany your clients. You will be able to integrate your own documents and modify those already present.

In this way, the documents are centralized in one place, making the accompaniment easier for you and for your clients.

Automated form submissions

In order to automate administrative tasks, you will be able to automatically send forms to your clients when necessary in their process.

In this way, you ensure quality accompaniment and unequalled constancy.

Program creation

Quickly create detailed programs of any kind (tabata, crossfit, cardio, etc.) that will keep your clients motivated with Hexfit's signature interactive experience.

Mobile App

The ideal tool for following-up with your clients even at distance and for continuously monitoring their progress. Your clients will be able to ask you questions at any time and thus to perceive your added value and continue to evolve in your absence.

Learn more about Hexfit personal trainer intake form

What is a personal trainer intake form?

A personal trainer intake form is a written record that requests details about a client's fitness objectives, medical background, and present level of fitness. It aids the personal trainer in evaluating the client's body composition, figuring out their fitness requirements, and developing a special workout regimen.

What is included in the form?

Typical questions on the form pertain to the client's fitness objectives, medical background, exercise history, physical activity, and present level of fitness. It may also ask questions concerning the client's heart rate, muscle strength, and body weight.

What kind of information should my client provide on a personal trainer intake form?

The personal trainer intake form is used to gather information about your client fitness goals, health history, and current fitness level. They may be asked questions about your exercise history, medical conditions, and any injuries or physical limitations they have. You may also ask for their emergency contact information and for their consent to conduct a fitness assessment. The intake form is an important step in the process of designing a safe and effective fitness program for them.

Why is it important to complete the form?

There are various reasons why filling out the form is important. The personal trainer can then use it to design an exercise regimen that is especially suitable for the customer. Second, it aids in ensuring the client's safety by assisting the personal trainer in evaluating any potential risks related to physical exercise. And finally, it assists in determining the client's starting place and monitoring their development over time.

What types of forms are available?

Personal trainer intake forms come in different forms, including online forms, goal-setting forms, medical history forms, fitness consultation forms, and client referral forms. Some forms are standardized and require only basic information, while others are more detailed and require more specific information.

What is the process of completing a form?

The procedure of completing a form usually entails filling it out online or in person, giving it to the personal trainer, and speaking with the trainer about the client's fitness objectives, medical background, and present level of fitness. A fitness evaluation or a body composition analysis may also be done by the personal trainer.

Are there any risks involved in the process?

In the fitness process, there exist hazards that are both reasonable and unreasonable. The dangers that come with physical activity and are controlled by the personal trainer are considered reasonable. Unreasonable risks are those that can be avoided or significantly diminished with the right safeguards, and they are the client's and the personal trainer's responsibility.

What are testimonials and why are they important?

Testimonials are feedback and experiences from clients regarding the personal trainer and their offerings. They are significant because they shed light on the client experience and enable prospective customers to decide whether the personal trainer and their services are a good fit for them.

What is the role of the certification body in the fitness industry?

The certification body is crucial to the fitness business because it sets standards for personal trainers and makes sure they have the training, education, and experience needed to offer clients safe and efficient training. A certified personal trainer is regarded as more reputable and qualified because they have received official recognition.

What should a client expect during their first training session?

A client should anticipate talking about their fitness objectives, medical background, and current level of fitness during their first training session. A client's workout regimen may be discussed, a fitness evaluation or body composition study performed, and a summary of the services and assistance the client will receive along their fitness journey given.

What is the best way to find clients who are a good fit for me as a personal trainer?

The best way to find clients who are a good fit for you as a personal trainer is by networking and building relationships within your local fitness community. You can reach out to local gyms and health clubs, participate in fitness events and workshops, and join professional organizations related to the fitness industry. Additionally, you can use social media and your personal website to showcase your expertise, offer tips and advice, and share testimonials from satisfied clients. You can also offer a client referral program and ask current clients to refer friends and family to your services. Building a positive reputation and delivering excellent customer service can help you attract the right clients who are a good fit for your personal training business.

What should my client expect during a personal training session?

During a personal training session, your client will be working one-on-one with you to meet your fitness goals. As a trainer, you will create a customized exercise program for them, based on their current fitness level and goals, and guide you through the workout. You may also monitor their heart rate and body composition, and give them feedback on their form and technique.

What is a goal-setting session?

A goal-setting session is a meeting between you and your client to discuss their fitness goals and create a plan to achieve them. During this session, you may ask you questions about their fitness background, current fitness level, and health history. You may also assess their body composition and conduct a fitness assessment to determine the best course of action for them. The goal of this session is to set achievable, measurable goals and create a program to help your client reach them.

How can I be sure that my personal training business is successful?

To ensure success in your personal training business, it's important to have a clear understanding of the fitness industry and to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices. You should also have a well-designed, efficient process for client intake and goal-setting, and invest in high-quality equipment and resources. Providing excellent customer service, setting reasonable rates, and receiving positive reviews and testimonials from happy clients can also help your business grow and thrive.

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