Mobile tracking application for sports coaches and physical trainers

The ideal tool to accompany your clients even remotely, continuously monitor their progress, develop their autonomy and keep the proximity and loyalty.

Interactive and motivating training programs

Your clients will find the programs and circuits that you have programmed for them. They can complete their exercises without touching their phone thanks to the timer and the sound cues.
Spread your challenges, engage your clients
Motivation questionnaires at the end of the sessions


There’s nothing better than a group challenge to motivate a competitive spirit!
You can create customized challenges and thus a sense of community among your clients.

Number of steps in a day

Activity time per week

Best score on a specific physical test

Number of sessions completed in a week

Messaging and video conferencing

Instant messaging and video conferencing allow you to keep a close and permanent contact with your clients. They will be able to ask you questions at any time and thus perceive your added value and continue to evolve in your absence. 

Synchronize to smart watches and consumer applications

Get a 360° view of your clients' progress. Collect body stats automatically, set fitness goals and monitor personal bests. Access to a goldmine of data by connecting your clients' favorite watches.

You will automatically have access to the data from:


Garmin watches

Polar watches

And many more

An app with your colors

Bring your branding efforts to the Hexfit app. Your customers will experience a personalized application with your colors and logos.

Appointment reminders and session management

With the help of Hexfit, you can easily synchronize your schedule with your clients' schedules and thus, simplify the scheduling of appointments.
You will be able to generate appointment reminders in order to reduce the no-show rate! Whether it is for group or individual appointments, Hexfit will take care of it. 

Create and share graphics

Share on the app the graphics representing:


Load tracking

Comparison of multiple data


Index of fraicheur

Any other information you need

Your clients will be able to easily visualize their progress when they need extra motivation and thus avoid desertion.

Food tracking software 

Your clients will be able to enter their nutritional data directly into the Hexfit app or simply sync their My Fitness Pal account in order to synchronize the data.