Software for fitness center

Make the accompanying service your greatest strength!

Expand your customer base

Regardless of your role or the size of your gym, Hexfit will help you increase your coaching sales, client engagement, productivity and profitability.

Supervise the teams

Manage access profiles, branches, calendars and much more. With the supervision tools, considerably reduce the time required to manage teams.

Display a coherent brand image

Bring your branding efforts to the Hexfit application. Your customers will experience a personalized application with your colors, logos, tools... the professionalism that characterizes your brand. 

Coaching automation software - For modern sports coaches and trainers

Increase the number of clients followed by coach! Through automation, the software allows your gym to keep the professional accompaniment at the same time you increase your client base:


  • Create processes (welcoming new clients, interventions, etc.)
  • Create forms
  • Automatically share questionnaires
  • Duplicate programs
  • Manage groups

Standarize your services and ensure the sustainability of your company

The smoothest experience for your clients

Standardize the client experience with Hexfit.
In one place, your clients will find all the documents, messages, programs, appointments, that you have to share with them. With your mobile app, welcoming your customers is simplified and inspires confidence from the start, maintaining the experience over time.

A homogeneous service quality

Service is the core of your business, so it is essential that your customers experience a consistent quality of service no matter who is talking to them. Centralizing your tools, welcome and follow-up processes on Hexfit is the perfect solution.  
The different members of your team will have access to the clients' files in order to ensure a quality follow-up, consistent from one professional to another.

Integrate Hexfit into your processes

You will be able to connect Hexfit to your management software (Inbody, Resmania, Heitz System, MyAccessWeb, Zapier, etc.) and you will have access to powerful APIs.

Hexfit offers you training tailored to your needs and accompanies you from A to Z in your transition.

A unique mobile app for your clients

Since your accompaniement makes all the difference, Hexfit is focused -just like you- on reaching your clients' fitness goals.

The mobile app allows you to keep a permanent contact with your clients. They will be able to ask you their questions at any time and thus see your added value and continue to evolve in your absence.

The automatic collection of client data via their smartwatches and the ease of communication with the professional allows your customers to perceive the value of the service and thus build customer loyalty.


The app includes:


  • Complete and interactive training program
  • Messaging and conferencing
  • Food diary
  • Fluid appointment scheduling and reservation
  • Sharing of results graphics
  • Easy billing and payments
  • The adaptation of colors to your image

The assistant - your integrated Artificial Intelligence  (AI)!

Hexfit is the only professional sports coaching software to integrate a real assistant present everywhere in the software. This intuitive artificial intelligence will be a great help for you to maximize your follow-ups.

This little assistant alerts you of important events to ensure a qualitative follow-up:

  • Client goals or sub-goals achieved
  • Birthdays
  • Motivation drops
  • Programs that are coming to an end soon
  • Any information you would like to be notified about

The app with your image

Choose your branding colors

With the custom app, your customers will have an application with your colors, while they enjoy all the powerful features of Hexfit. Your branding has never looked better than with the Hexfit app.

Integrate your own videos in the programs

Customize your exercise bank by integrating your Youtube or Vimeo videos. Insert the URL of the video in the exercise and that's it!


Records and notes tracking software - For modern sports coaches and trainers

Centralize all the information needed for a high quality follow-up in one place; accessible from anywhere and with ease.

Medical and allergy information

History of injuries

Specific notes

Activity calendar

History of interventions

SMART goals

Document drop box

Groups and duplications

Do many of your customers have a similar profile or common needs? The group features are for you.

In a few clicks, you will be able to create training programs, nutrition plans, events, etc. available by default to all your members.

Gather around challenges

There’s nothing better than a group challenge to motivate a competitive spirit! You can create customized challenges and thus a sense of community among your clients. 

Here are some examples of challenges that motivate Hexfit clients around the world: 

Number of steps in a day

Activity time per week

Best score on a specific physical test

Number of sessions completed in a week

It's up to you to imagine the challenge of the moment!

These gyms bear witness

Since I started using Hexfit, I have gained 2 hours per client every month and I was able to take 6 more clients in the first month of use!


kinesiologist in montreal

My Excel file had become unmanageable! 

With Hexfit, the training programs, the progress of my clients, their health evolution, everything is clear! I can really focus on my coaching!


Independent coach in Paris

In 2 weeks with the online training, we mastered the features and it's wonderful. Hexfit has allowed us to take our accompaniment quality up a notch. We would not go back!


Coach in Nice