Data analysis software

Data analysis is now a breeze! All your customer data can be analyzed easily and quickly with the graphs generated by Hexfit. 

Create and share graphics

Data visualization has never been easier! Quickly create and share graphics showing:


Load tracking

Comparison of multiple data


Index of fraicheur

Any other information you need

Your clients will be able to easily visualize their progress: an essential factor when they need extra motivation!

Physical data

Gather and organize all your customer information 

With Hexfit manage all useful data:

General information (weight, height, basal metabolism, etc.)

Body composition (BMI, % muscle and fat mass, etc.)

Skin folds

Aerobic capacity (VO2max, MAS)

Physical tests (vertical jump, grip strength, 1RM, etc.)

And many more!

Goals visualization

With Hexfit, goal and sub-goal planning is quick and intuitive. Your client will be able to visualize its objectives and progress the whole time!

You will receive alerts when a goal is reached or due. Adjust the course, adapt their programs, set new goals!

    Planification and periodization

    In order to achieve your clients’ goals, Hexfit offers the possibility to create workouts and a visual periodization of your clients' needs. With this feature, you will be able to optimize the planning of your clients' "macro" goals in the long term.

      Motivation follow ups and alerts

      The software allows you to closely monitor the state of mind of your customers and generate alerts when necessary. You will be able to intervene quickly and prevent a customer from dropping out or unsubscribing, by integrating your own motivational tools, mental preparation or well-being evaluation, etc., in the form of questionnaires.

        Synchronize to smart watches and consumer applications

        Get a 360° view of your clients' progress. Collect body stats automatically, set fitness goals and monitor personal bests. Access to a goldmine of data by connecting your clients' favorite watches.

        You will automatically have access to the data from:

        My Fitness Pal


        Garmin watches

        Polar watches

        And many more

        A unique mobile app for your clients

        Since your follow-ups make all the difference, Hexfit is focused -just like you- on reaching your clients’ health goals.

        The mobile application allows you to keep a permanent link with your clients. They will be able to ask you their questions at any time and thus to see your added value and continue to evolve in your absence.

        The automatic collection of customers data via their smartwatches and the ease of communication with the professional allows the client to perceive the value of the service and then to build customer loyalty. 

        The application includes:

        • Complete and interactive training program
        • Messaging and conferencing
        • Food diary
        • Fluid appointment scheduling and reservation.
        • Sharing of results graphics
        • Easy billing and payments
        • Adaptation of colors to your image

        Physical tests

        Apply all your evaluations easily in Hexfit! 

        Create your custom physical tests directly in Hexfit, using one of the 50 tests already configured, or by integrating your custom tests. Once created, complete your evaluations directly in Hexfit and let the software calculate your results and transfer them to the client’s file for further analysis.

        Group analysis

        Compare two athletes, two groups of athletes, one athlete with the performance of a group… Quickly analyze the results, visualize the trend, the progress or any other relevant information to accompany them!