Software to increase my income - For modern sports coaches and trainers

Hexfit allows you to increase your revenues by you helping to develop and retain your customer base at the same time you increase the perceived value of your services.

Hexfit in numbers is:

on average 3,5 heures saved per week

on average +82% of service revenues

Develop your client base

Take your accompaniment to the next level with the software's numerous automations.

Focus on the core of your business while providing a unique service quality.

Coaching automation

Your time is precious so when a task can be automated, it should be!

The software allows you to keep the human contact even with a growing customer base: 


  • Create processes (welcoming new clients, interventions, etc.)
  • Create forms
  • Automatically share questionnaires
  • Duplicate programs
  • Manage groups

The assistant - your integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Hexfit is the only professional sports coaching software to integrate a real assistant present everywhere in the software. This intuitive artificial intelligence will be a great help for you to maximize your follow-ups.

This little assistant alerts you of important events to ensure a qualitative follow-up:

  • Client goals or sub-goals achieved
  • Birthdays
  • Motivation drops
  • Programs that are coming to an end soon
  • Any information you would like to be notified about.

    Increase the perceived value of your services, and therefore, your rates!

    Your added value is your expertise and knowledge
    Hexfit helps you to always put forward your added value. 

    Coaching automation

    Instant messaging and video conferencing are available directly in Hexfit. Increase your proximity to your customers, even remotely.

    Create and share graphics
    Visualizing your data and sharing the evolution of your clients has never been easier! Graphs such as:


    • Progress
    • Load tracking
    • Comparison of multiple data
    • Monotonicity
    • Index of fraicheur
    • Any other information you need

    Objectives visualization

    Quickly planify goals and sub-goals in Hexfit. Your clients will be able to visualize their goals and their progress at any time.

    Pace the sessions and the workouts with a visual periodization: a planification that allows your clients to project themselves in the long term.

    You will receive alerts when a goal has been reached or is about to be reached. This way, you can congratulate your clients, move the programs to the next step, set a new goal... in short, move forward with it.

      Build customer loyalty

      Motivation tracking and alerts

      Motivation loss is a big deal! The challenge: to detect them before it's too late.

      The software allows you to follow your clients and to generate alerts when necessary. Intervene quickly and prevent customer abandonment or unsubscription.

      The integrated artificial intelligence identifies the important warning signs and automatically generates daily tasks to ensure a qualitative and proactive accompaniment!


      • Client goals or sub-goals achieved
      • Birthdays
      • Motivation drops
      • Programs that are coming to an end soon
      • Any information you would like to be notified about.

      A unique mobile app for your clients

      Since your follow-ups make all the difference, Hexfit is focused -just like you- on reaching your clients’ health goals.

      The mobile application allows you to keep a permanent link with your clients. They will be able to ask you their questions at any time and thus to see your added value and continue to evolve in your absence.

      The automatic collection of customers data via their smartwatches and the ease of communication with the professional allows the client to perceive the value of the service and then to build customer loyalty. 

      The app includes:

      • Complete and interactive training program
      • Messaging and conferencing
      • Food diary
      • Fluid appointment scheduling and reservation.
      • Sharing of results graphics
      • Easy billing and payments
      • Adaptation of colors to your image

      Files and notes follow-ups

      Centralize all the information needed for a high quality follow-up in one place; accessible from anywhere and with ease.


      • Medical and allergy information
      • History of injuries
      • Specific notes
      • Activity calendar
      • History of interventions
      • SMART goals
      • Document drop box

        Automated appointment and reminders management

        Easily synchronize your schedule with the one of your clients and simplify appointment scheduling. Allow your potential clients to reserve a time slot in your calendar through your public link.