Personal Trainer Templates

Customized templates of documents directly into Hexfit. As a personal trainer, save valuable time, avoid oversights and ensure a quality accompaniment. 

Physical test, intake forms, training programs, etc.

Personal trainer template of physical tests, documents and training programs

Access a bank of template documents directly into Hexfit: all the information is centralized in the Hexfit software! Of course, all these documents are customizable and you can import your own documents.

Your clients will no longer have to contact you to find their documents, the information is at their fingertips!

Personal trainer Templates

Customized documents and physical data

General information (weight, height, basal metabolism, etc.)

Body composition (BMI, % muscle and fat mass, etc.)

Skin folds

Aerobic capacity (VO2max, MAS)

Physical tests (vertical jump, grip strength, 1RM, etc.)

And many more!

Files and notes follow-ups software 

Our software gathers a wide variety of information about your client, which will allow you to offer them high quality services by building a complete file through teleconsultation. Your client follow-up will be optimized! Among this information, you will find:

Medical and allergy information

History of injuries

Specific notes

Activity calendar

History of interventions

SMART goals

Document drop box

Hexfit in numbers, it's :

3,5 hours saved per week

+82% of service revenues

+42% of members followed up

+300% of member commitment (or 3x more)

Customer satisfaction rate of 97%

Synchronize to smart watches and consumer applications

With app-connected smartwatches, get a 360-degree view of your clients' progress. Collect body stats automatically, set fitness goals and monitor personal bests. Access a goldmine of data by connecting your clients' favorite watches.

You will automatically get data from:

My Fitness Pal
Garmin watches
Polar watches
And even more
Appointment and reminders automated management
With the help of Hexfit you will be able to easily synchronize your schedule with your clients’ schedule and thus, simplify the scheduling of appointments for groups or individuals.
Planification and periodization
In order to reach your clients' goals, Hexfit offers the possibility to create workouts and a visual periodization of the needs of your clients. With this feature, you will be able to optimize the planning of your clients' long term goals.
Physical tests
Create your custom physical tests directly in Hexfit (or use one of the 125 pre-configured tests). Once created, complete your assessments directly in Hexfit and let the software calculate your results and transfer them to the client's file for further analysis.
Goals visualization
With Hexfit, goal and sub-goal planification is fast and intuitive. Your client will be able to view their objectives and progress all the time.

You will receive alerts when a goal is reached or when a goal is due. This way, you can coach your clients and make changes to their programs or set new goals.

Visual analysis of the evolution
You can easily generate visual analyses of your clients' progress. This way, they will be able to visualize their progress and continue their journey thanks to this source of motivation!
Motivation and fitness slumps
When a client's results indicate a drop in motivation or performance, you will be automatically notified. This way, you will be able to intervene at the right moment and prevent an imminent drop-out.
Customizable documents
In Hexfit, you will find a bank of documents that will be useful to accompany your clients. You will be able to integrate your own documents and modify those already present.

In this way, the documents are centralized in one place, making the accompaniment easier for you and for your clients.

Automated form submissions
In order to automate administrative tasks, you will be able to automatically send forms to your clients when necessary in their process.

In this way, you ensure quality accompaniment and unequalled constancy.

Program creation

Quickly create detailed programs of any kind (tabata, crossfit, cardio, etc.) that will keep your clients motivated with Hexfit's signature interactive experience.

Mobile App

The ideal tool for following-up with your clients even at distance and for continuously monitoring their progress. Your clients will be able to ask you questions at any time and thus to perceive your added value and continue to evolve in your absence.