Food tracking software

Developed for nutritionists by nutritionists, the food tracking includes a set of features that support your daily work and towards the achievement of your clients’ goals.

Hexfit in numbers is:

Over 45,000 food plans

Over 100,000 users of the software

Create food plans for your clients

A high-performing and flexible creation tool
Hexfit, a software for nutritionists, includes an extremely complete and flexible meal plan creation module. 

Determine your daily nutritional goals

Let Hexfit automatically calculate the detailed nutritional values of your plan while you add diverse foods.

Configure your clients’ nutritional plan the way you want and save a lot of time!

Complete and detailed food database

The food bank is based on the most recent version of Health Canada's scientifically recognized database and includes detailed nutritional values for each food.

Find your food quickly with categories and sub-categories, plus a smart keyword search engine! Building a food journal has never been easier.

    Food diary

    Offer your clients a unique accompaniment with progress reports
    Review the details of your clients’ food diary, the macro and micro nutrients for a given period. Take your clients’ coaching to the next level with client progress charts generated automatically by the software for nutritionists, Hexfit. 

      Recipe analysis

      Create your own recipes and let Hexfit automatically calculate the nutritional values. 
      Access multiple fully-customizable meal composition tables, foods and their nutritional value.

        Nutritional assesments

        Execute all your evaluations easily in Hexfit.
        Create your custom forms directly in Hexfit. One created, complete them directly in the software or share them with your client to complete remotely and let the software calculate your results and transfer them to the client's file for further analysis.