Creating training programs

Quickly create detailed and diverse training programs that will keep your clients engaged with Hexfit's signature interactive experience.

Diversify the creation of your exercise programs

Using the search filters in the exercise bank, you can easily find alternatives in order to adapt the exercises to your clients’ needs. You can filter the exercises by:






Training styles

You can also add exercises to your favorites in order to find them faster. Also, with the feature that allows you to search for similar exercises, you can easily find alternatives and diversify your clients’ programs.

Create programs at the snap of a finger

Creating programs has never been faster than with Hexfit’s features. The software’s instinctive interface will allow you to drag exercises into your programs and rearrange them in no time.

« In average, creating programs in Hexfit takes 4 minutes. »

With one click, you can apply the attributes of an exercise (sets, repetitions, rest, etc.) to the entire program or to a few specific exercises. You can also duplicate your programs and assign them to a group of people just as easily.

A unique mobile application for an interactive experience

When your clients work out with Hexfit, they no longer need to search for their exercises: they will be automatically displayed using the built-in timer. Audible cues allow clients to follow the program as you prescribed and thus push their limits.

At the end of each session, your clients will be able to indicate the difficulty of the program and give you  feedback. You will automatically receive a notification to indicate that your client has completed his session and you will be able to consult the data collected by their smart watches. This way, you can follow their progress, even from a distance, and intervene when it is necessary.

Video integration

Just in a few clicks, you can integrate your Youtube or Vimeo videos (even if they are private) to your clients’ programs. Insert the video’s URL in the exercise you desire and that’s it!

The largest bank of exercises for your programs!

Quickly create interactive programs for your clients with the largest bank of exercises available!

Each exercise is accompanied by an image, a video and a clear description in order to guide your client. 

Customize them, create your own exercises or your personalized videos in a few clicks!

You can easily:

Duplicate programs

Create any kind of circuits

Integrate your own videos

Diversify the programs

Modify the exercises

Find ideas for similar exercises

And much more!

If the exercise you’re looking for is not in the bank, just ask us to add it! We add an average of 60 exercises per month to the exercise bank thanks to your requests.


There’s nothing better than a group challenge to motivate a competitive spirit! You can create customized challenges and thus a sense of community among your clients.

Number of steps in a day

Activity time per week

Best score on a specific physical test

Number of sessions completed in a week

...it's up to you to come up with a motivating challenge!

Integrate Hexfit to your gym / fitness club management software

You will be able to connect Hexfit to your management software (Inbody, Resmania, Heitz System, MyAccessWeb, Zapier, etc.)  and set up powerful automations to connect and automate your different systems.

Hexfit offers you training tailored to your needs and accompanies you from A to Z in your transition.