HEXPERT OF ADMINISTRATION Make your way through the following lessons to learn how to personalize your account

Manage Professionals

Theory Hexfit offers the possibility of different levels of access for professional accounts in order for you to manage your business with the structure you want. In the “Manage professionals” tab you will be able to manage the entirety of the professionals in your...

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Manage Groups

Theory As you learned in the Hexpert of Groups course, groups allow you to become more efficient by doing several tasks with one action. In the “Manage groups” tab you can manage the entirety of the groups in your business or branch, whereas the “Groups” tab only...

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Manage Intervention Codes

Theory With the idea of allowing you to continue to work with your clients with the methods you prefer, intervention codes allow you to customize the type of information you are adding into your clients’ files. This means, you can easily filter through or categorize...

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Manage Clients

Theory The “Manage clients” section is the place where you can manage all the clients in your branch or business, whereas the “Clients” tab is the place where you can manage the clients for which you are an active actor. This allows you to monitor the interventions...

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Manage Personalized Data

Theory Hexfit was created with a vision of flexibility and the goal of meeting your needs. On top of tracking all the data already available on Hexfit, as we saw in the Hexpert of Data course, you can create any type of data category you need. This allows you to track...

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Manage Documents

Theory The tools in the “Manage documents” section of the “Administration” tab allow you to completely centralize your clients’ files on Hexfit by integrating any documents you are currently using with your clients. These can be forms, questionnaires, physical tests,...

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