HEXPERT OF CLIENT TRACKING Make your way through the following lessons to maximize your client tracking.


Theory The overview of your client’s file is the place where you can easily find and see everything you have done with your client. This varies from your specific actions, to the objectives your client is working on, to some of their basic information. This is the...

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Theory The information section is the area where you can centralize the entirety of your client’s information. Whether it’s their general, medical, musculoskeletal, or specific data, it can all be classified appropriately in the individual sections. Information can be...

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Activities and smart devices

Theory The activity tab allows you to track everything which you have planned for your client, and what your client has done throughout the month. Any programs you have assigned to your client will create gray activities. These are activities to be done by your...

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Theory Objectives allow you to state your client’s goal, create a plan, and define the steps you need to do to take your client where they want to go. This is a tools for you as a professional to use to guide your follow-ups and interventions with your clients. Since...

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