HEXPERT OF DATA TRACKING Hexfit allows you to centralise and analyze all your client’s information in one place.

Input Data on the Software

Theory As with all the features on Hexfit, our goal is to adapt to your reality and needs. This is why the data section on Hexfit is a very flexible tool which allows you to analyze an infinite amount of information, to ensure all the data you need to track with your...

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Magical Data (or Automatic!)

Theory Hexfit is designed as an intelligent system to help make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient. This is why Hexfit will make automatic calculations and classifications for you as you input data into your clients' files. For example, if you add the...

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Create a board

Theory The goal of the “Reports” section in your client’s file is to assimilate all the data you have collect to allow you to see your client’s evolution and progress. This will allow you to visualize if your client is on the right track to achieving their goal. The...

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Create a Manual Report

Theory Although boards are a fantastic way to easily see the evolution of your clients, Hexfit gives you the flexibility to analyze and compare any information you need to do the most comprehensive follow-ups with your clients. This type of analysis can be done by...

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