HEXPERT OF THE CLIENT VERSION Discover how your clients will experience Hexfit and what functions they will have access to use

What do They See?

Theory Hexfit believes in putting your clients at the centre and providing you with the tools you need to extend your services in order for your clients to achieve their goals. This is why when you create your clients in Hexfit they will have access to their very own...

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How to Test It!

Theory When you begin using a new tool, we understand that you want to make your client’s transition to this tool is as effortless as possible. This is why we always recommend to create yourself a client account in order to fully understand what they will be...

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Bonus: Sync a Smart Device

Theory As mentioned earlier, your clients can sync their smart devices to Hexfit. The goal being, to allow you to see all the information about your client’s activities in one centralized spot.  Each time an activity is synced it will appear in orange on the...

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