HEXPERT OF TRAININGS CREATION Explore the different options available to create & share programs with your clients, and analyze how they are being completed.

Templates, All Programs, Drafts

Theory The “Programs” section is the area where you can manage all the programs you have created, are creating, and will create. It has been separated into three sections to help you remain organized; templates, all programs, and drafts.   The Template section is a...

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Build a Program

Theory To create a new program click on the “+ create” button in the top right corner of the “All Programs” tab. This will bring you to the Information step of creating your program. Building a program on Hexfit happens in a total of three steps; Information, Design,...

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Manage Program Sessions

Theory The second step of creating a program is the Design step. This is where you will be able to create any type of program you need with the use of our session system. Sessions are the different trainings or workouts you want your client to do within a single...

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Analyze Training Results

Theory To ensure you are able to work with your clients in the environment which will produce the best results according to their strengths, Hexfit gives you many different ways to share your programs. In the Confirmation step of creating your program, you can share...

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Find The Exercises You Need

Theory Thanks to Hexfit’s partnership with Physigraphe, we have an exercise bank of well over 6000 exercises, which is continuously expanding. This can be found in the “Exercise bank” tab and provides you with an inventory of exercises that can be personalized for you...

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Edit Or Create An Exercise

Theory Hexfit knows that there are many ways to describe and name an exercise, this is why your exercise bank can be completely personalized to your needs. By customizing your exercises, you can ensure your clients gets the exact information they need to successfully...

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