How KinElite grew their business with Hexfit

About KinElite

Kinelite is a team of health care professionals located throughout Quebec that offers training, massage therapy, kinesiology and nutrition services.

The company now has 19 centers.

It is with passion and dedication that the Kinelite team accompanies thousands of people every day through difficulties and lack of motivation, in order to help them become the best version of themselves.

In less than 5 years, KinElite has grown from an idea to a chain of training centers with over 17 locations. This is the dream scenario when founding a gym or a fitness club.

However, growing a fitness business at such a fast pace can quickly lead you to downfall.

How do you grow a fitness business quickly?

Choose the right tools to support your growth

During our meeting with Marc-André Renaud, owner of KinElite, we came to the conclusion that their main challenge was growing their business. They were looking for a software that would continually adapt to their fast growth.

We identified 3 main factors to consider when selecting a software. Your tool should increase the satisfaction of your customers, guarantee you a return on investment and help you effectively through its customer service.

Customer follow-up and file management

Hexfit is one of the few companies to offer a customer tracking module with such advanced centralization features. This allows KinElite to improve the quality of its follow-ups and the retention of its customers. In addition, Hexfit allows them to seamlessly connect the other software platforms they use. Therefore, avoiding manual data entry and lost information.

Beautiful for the client, efficient for the Kinesiologist and malleable for the manager.

Marc-André Renaud

Founder, KinElite

Hexfit is a fast return on investment

When you want to grow your business, it is important to take into account each expense. In this context, always check that your investments are profitable (ROI).

Thanks to all the features of Hexfit, Marc-André tells us that each employee saves between 30 and 45 minutes in their daily activities. This saved time is therefore reinvested in achieving clients' objectives. When we asked Marc-André to calculate the ROI, he mentioned that he had a return 10 times greater than his investment.

If I don't give my kinesiologists an app or a software, creating a training program will take them 45 minutes. If they create the same program using Hexfit, it will take them 10 minutes.

Hexfit is the logical investment to make.

Marc-André Renaud

Founder, KinElite

Hexfit's unmatched customer service

In his context of growth, Marc-André told us that he needed a company that would offer him effective support. Our response time  (less than 2 minutes) and our constant updates (every 2 weeks) have shown him that we constantly want to improve the product.

Each time an employee is hired, we take care of the training for free. Despite this, Marc-André does not believe he is taking full advantage of Hexfit. There are always new things to learn for him and his team. However, we do offer learning tools like webinars and educational videos that allow KinElite professionals to keep learnning and stay on top of new software features.

When I first started using Hexfit, I used it during a client session in the evening and I had a question about the software. I sent them an online chat, not expecting an answer out of business hours.

However, I was pleased to receive an answer from customer service in less than a minute. It really impressed me because I could speak in real time with a team member and ask my questions quickly, even if it was in the evening!

Marc-André Renaud

Founder, KinElite

In short

The professionals at KinElite centers are satisfied with Hexfit, and they state that the tool is an investment for them! We are very happy to have met Marc-André, and we wish KinElite the greatest success.

We'll be there to help them at all times, since the success of our customers is our top  priority.

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