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Most of your clients will be de-motivated due to gym closures and confinement. We will look at some solutions to counter this and keep them motivated! 


The closure of sports centers and the total confinement of the population are already a reality in many countries. Your customers will be more and more demotivated due to the isolation and there are solutions to keep their motivation at bay! 

A group messaging system

Closing physical locations will cause a decrease in motivation for clients who were accustomed to meeting other people in these locations. It is possible to replace these interactions with other solutions. You are encouraged to create a group that includes your entire community. Group messaging in the Hexfit software is a good solution, but a Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram group can do the same thing! This will allow your members to chat with each other and help each other out. For example, to encourage interaction, you could ask your members to mention how long they've been active to motivate themselves to do better next time! Group discussions make people feel less alone! 

Create a private group

We also suggest that you create a communication group, for example a private Facebook group. Since most of the world has a Facebook account, it will be easy for you to invite all your customers. You can then publish exercise approaches or different ''AT-Home challenges''. The objective is that your customers interact with each other in this private group and that they can motivate each other. It is also a good method to create social relationships at a distance! Alone, we can go fast, but together we can go further! 

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Hexfit private Facebook group

Here is an example of a private Facebook group. We have created a support group to stimulate mutual support between sport and health professionals!

You can do the same with your customers. The key words are interaction, engagement and social relationship building!

Group calls

It is also recommended that you make weekly group calls with your clients to increase their personal motivation. Many topics can be explored in these calls and it will be beneficial for their motivation! For example, every Friday you could do a group call and each member could give a summary of their week of training at home and give exercise tips! In short, you need to find ways to fuel each meeting. We have written an article on the best tools for making video conference calls

Alerts in Hexfit

Keep the customer motivated over time. 

Motivation alerts allow you to check in with the client at the right time, when they need your support the most. It's also a good way to maintain human contact with your client and ensure that you follow up with them, even from a distance.

Check out this episode and discover even more tips for adapting your coaching!

Camille Boutin

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