The latest planning trends with Aurélien Broussal Derval and Raymond Veillette - #Hexperts

In recent years, the importance of physical preparation to optimize sports performance has become much more important, which is why it is important to follow the rules for proper planning.

From the outset, we recognize that planning is a sport science concept, but it is the notion of project that is behind this concept. It is largely the organization of contents in view of an objective. We are therefore talking about a methodological tool that is the project, a planning tool that allows us to counter the problems of work organization. 

Lately, in the business sector as well as in the more professional sectors, we have seen a great deal of evolution in everything related to planning. Of course, these developments and agile methods bring their own share of changes.  


Raymond Veillette and Aurélien Brousal Derval talk more about this in this episode on the planning organization

The major changes in recent years 

Nowadays, we have tools that give us the keys to simplicity, but that cause a universe divided in 2.

1- Those who resist changes and have regressed in their planning exercises.

2- Those who follow the changes and absorb the digital by adapting their services. 

This phenomenon creates a real distance in these two generations of coaches. 

Note that you should not be afraid of all these changes towards digital and this simplification of the ways of doing things. Instead, you should throw yourself into the exercise while using your knowledge!  

Another point that has changed since then is the multiplicity of competitions. In other words, athletes must participate and qualify for other competitions. This becomes a real headache in the planning of training, as the deadlines become shorter and shorter. That being said, it is essential to have a short term vision as well as a long term one. 

What is the optimal model to apply among all those proposed to serve the needs of physical preparation? 

The question is whether traditional training planning concepts and principles are fully applicable to training planning for physical preparation.  

In answering this question, there are important nuances to consider. 

There are many different demands from clubs and athletes, so the role of the professional and the link to planning will be different.

Today, what methods should a physical trainer focus on? 

It is necessary to build a model of the effort of the activity in order to make a valuable analysis of the tasks and to identify the qualities required to enhance the physical capacities of the athlete and to face the mechanical constraints of his discipline. 

In the organization of the planning for modern physical preparation, the important thing is to understand and know the adaptations induced by each of the programmed training contents. It is necessary to manipulate certain elements of the preparation (rest, duration, intensity, etc.) to create new adaptations and allow the athlete to evolve.


Watch the entire episode to find out more! 

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