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*Hypnosis and all that is related to the psychological are trainings that Christophe Bats formation gives with his team of experts.

Hypnosis in a few words

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that is too little known. People often think that it is related to the show and that it is a magician's trick already planned with the public, but think again, it is not.

This is not a gift available to elected officials! We are talking about a protocol that we learn and that we must respect, which allows us to achieve performances with a lot of practice.

"By definition, hypnosis is working on the unconscious."

When you are under hypnosis, you are not in a state of sleep, but rather in a relaxed and unconscious state. This state takes control and brings about a state of advanced relaxation to create a time distortion.

The two main trends in hypnosis

Modern hypnosis comes from two men who developed the two paths we use today. These two paths have certain similarities, but are easily differentiated.

The scientific way (hypnotherapy) 

This practice allows to remove certain phobias and to subtract habits.

The show way (speed hypnosis) 

This practice is the one that comes to mind most often when you think of hypnosis. This is the practice that you see in the hypnosis shows of Messmer for example and which is accompanied by technical means and extravagant decorations.

Why hypnosis in physical preparation

It is an essential tool for physical preparation without doping.

This practice is often used in physical and mental preparation. It is also a way for health and fitness professionals to train their clients and athletes while eliminating addictions like sugar.

In your daily practice, you use 2 major tools to reach your clients' goals: a technical program and nutrition. However, many people forget the tip of the iceberg which is the psychological aspect. By putting these three elements together, you will be able to achieve amazing results.

On the other hand, there are several limitations that play on sports performance, such as genetics, muscular deficiencies, sedentary lifestyle, etc. These brakes and physical limits remain present during hypnosis sessions, but we can still enter the unconscious and boost mental performance.

Some effects of hypnosis

  • Remove pain temporarily
  • Remove the urge to eat sugar
  • Avoid smoking
  • Correct psychological shortcomings and blockages
  • Increase sports performance

Who are the individuals most likely to be hypnotized?

Overall, 20% of the population is very receptive to hypnosis and 50% is receptive.

The more Cartesian personalities are less receptive, since they tend to ask themselves many questions and analyze the situation, thus creating a block. They have difficulty letting go.

It is also proven that women are more likely to be hypnotized, because they have an ability to enter the imagination more easily and are more open to creativity.

How to hypnotize the less susceptible? 

Everyone can be hypnotized, even the Cartesians. It is simply a question of time and there are protocols adapted to this type of individual.

Note that it is impossible to force people to do things they don't want to do, but under hypnosis.

To learn more about hypnosis, watch the entire episode! 

Use an essential tool for your customer follow-up!

A software like Hexfit allows you to better follow your client's evolution and to optimize your coaching, both in person and remotely.

With several key features:

  • Periodization and planning of your clients' long-term objectives.
  • Automated sending of weekly questionnaires and forms.
  • Alerts of a drop in motivation among your clients.
  • Graphical analysis and monitoring of results in real time.
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