Coaches, don't charge your clients for the place anymore!

Have you ever gone to a clinic and paid for the table you were lying on?

No, because what you come in for is the expertise of a professional.

The fitness industry should rethink its billing practices in line with this.

Indeed, by continuing to charge for club access, we are promoting training without professionals. We are putting in the minds of clients that it is possible to train alone and get good results.

The worst thing is that we complain that people do not take our coaching services...
What to do then?

For those who offer coaching 

Raise your prices to cover your costs and remove the fees related to the access to the room. You will then have the same income, but with a totally different pitch.

To do this, you need to charge a flat fee for your coaching, see our webinar on this subject:

For those who just want access to the gym without a professional

Do not hesitate to create a basic coaching package including remote monitoring and access to the room.

For example, you can proceed as follows:

  • Assign a coach to the client.
  • Include a free initial assessment (or make the first month more expensive by including the assessment). This may be counter-intuitive, but it demonstrates the seriousness of the business and can be used later to sell additional services. There's nothing like knowing a client's goal and calling them later.
  • No in-person follow-up afterwards.
  • Offer follow-up via an automated application (always better if connected to a smart watch).
  • Follow up and make calls as you may already be doing to follow up with the customer who is no longer coming in, but now with a follow-up pitch! The customer already has in mind that he is accompanied, so it will be much easier to sell him episodically a follow-up in person.

By proposing this type of offer, you value the expertise of the professional and you enhance 100% of the industry!

In brief 

Did you know that only 15% of the population works out in a fitness center?  That's very low and it's definitely due to a problem with the way we talk about our services. The industry is changing and we have to evolve with it to stay in the game.

By charging only professionals, we are sending a strong message: you need us to achieve results!

Camille Boutin

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