New Hexfit feature: Challenges!

The ideal motivational tool

Motivating clients is a key issue for all sports and fitness professionals.  The Hexfit challenge feature allows you to :

  • Bring out the competitive spirit in your clients
  • Add some fun to your training
  • Break the boring routine
  • Energize or build your client community

Your clients will be able to see where they rank among all the participants and above all, exceed their limits!

Challenges adapted to all types of clients

The challenges are 100% customizable, so you can create the perfect challenge for your customers.

  • Max Push-Up Challenge
  • Distance traveled in a month
  • Number of steps in a week
  • Training time

In short, whatever the theme of the challenge, you can create it in Hexfit!

A tool to bring your community together

Naturally, challenges bring participants together. Whether it's through the friendly competition or the encouragement it generates, your clients will bond with each other. The sense of community and belonging will gradually develop and increase the perceived value of your services. 

Challenges sportifs dans Hexfit
Camille Boutin

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