How to crash your sports coaching business in 2021 with Andy Poiron

You will have understood that the objective is not to show you concretely how to crash your business, quite the contrary! In this episode, we wanted to bring back the fun side of the question while showing you how you can now, with the events of 2020 continuing into 2021, stand out and propel your business. 

The worst product, the wrong media and no productive tool... 

Before you can even think about marketing or being the best salesperson on earth, you need to define the basics. 

Don't forget that what will make your strength today and especially tomorrow is the experience you will bring to your customers. By having well defined your personal mission, you will be able to transpose it to your customers. 


Why does the client pay a health care professional? 

For the human relationship. 

Know how to adapt in your accompaniment to personalize your services. This will allow you to create real human relationships with your customers, so you will be able to better retain them. 

To have the best product, all you need to do is take your service offering and centralize your coaching and professional role to provide a 360 degree service.  Take the physical location out of the equation and change the way you support customers to provide a tailored service. 

What is the worst way to do your marketing? 

By doing nothing at all or by believing that simple technical skills will bring you clients.

 "Being a good, competent technician is one thing, but having a business and growing it is another."

Clients will not come to you without effort, even if you are the best certified coach. If no one knows you and you don't put effort into marketing and sales, you won't get any business. 

But where to start? 

Don't try to do everything at once, on every possible platform and social network. You are not a mass medium. Select one social media and use it to its fullest to gather all your prospects and to share value-added content to convert them quietly. 

It is better to have 100 real fans than 10,000 fake ones! 

And how to be productive? 

Push your word of mouth and customer recommendation. You'll be much more likely to get people talking about you.

Arm yourself with a tool that will allow you to be ultra productive. You need to put strategies in place to help you get there and get tools that will allow you to automate certain tasks in your daily life and save time. 

To learn more about the best practices to implement, watch the entire episode! 

Use an essential tool for your customer follow-up!

Software like Hexfit allows you to better follow your client's evolution and optimize your coaching, both in person and remotely.

With several key features:

  • Periodization and planning of your client's long-term objectives.
  • Automated sending of weekly questionnaires and forms.
  • Alerts of a drop in motivation among your clients.
  • Graphical analysis and monitoring of results in real-time.
Camille Boutin

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