Offer the best training program to your clients with Hexfit personal trainer spreadsheet

Centralize all your spreadsheets as a personal trainer in order to save valuable time, avoid training stress and ensure a quality support to your client.

Personal trainer spreadsheet and personal training templates centralized in the client file

Creating and updating spreadsheets has never been easier: all the information is centralized in the Hexfit personal training software! Of course, all these personal trainer spreadsheet templates are customizable and you can import your own documents whether you created them using Excel or Google Sheet.

Your clients will no longer have to contact you to find their documents, the information is at their fingertips!

Personal Trainer Spreadsheets

Customized workout program template and physical data

General information (weight, height, basal metabolism, etc.)

Body composition (BMI, % muscle and fat mass, etc.)

Skin folds

Aerobic capacity (VO2max, MAS)

Physical tests (vertical jump, grip strength, 1RM, etc.)

And many more!

Files and notes follow-ups software 

Our software collects various data about your client's training program. This allows you to provide them with quality support and build complete spreadsheets through teleconsultation. Your client follow-up will be improved. The collected data includes:

Medical and allergy information

History of injuries

Specific notes

Activity calendar

History of interventions

SMART goals

Document drop box

Hexfit in numbers, it's :

3,5 hours saved per week

+82% of service revenues

+42% of members followed up

+300% of member commitment (or 3x more)

Customer satisfaction rate of 97%

Synchronize to smart watches and consumer applications

Smartwatches that are connected to apps allow for a comprehensive view of client progress. Body metrics can be automatically collected and fitness goals as well as personal bests can be monitored. Additionally, data can be accessed when connecting with a client's favored watch.

You will automatically get data from:

Appointment and reminders automated management

Hexfit allows you to synchronize your schedule with clients for easier appointment scheduling, for both groups and individuals.

Planification and periodization

Hexfit provides the feature of creating workouts and a periodization plan to achieve your clients' goals. This enables the optimization of their long term objectives.

Physical tests

With Hexfit, users can create custom physical tests or choose from 125 pre-configured tests. After completing the assessments in Hexfit, the software will generate and transfer the results to the client's file for further evaluation.

Goals visualization

Hexfit facilitates prompt and user-friendly goal and sub-goal planning. Clients have the ability to monitor their goals and progression continuously.

Alerts are sent when a goal is achieved or approaching its due date, allowing you to adjust client programs or set new goals.

Visual analysis of the evolution

Client progress can be displayed visually, allowing them to observe their progress and establish motivation to move forward.

Motivation and fitness slumps

Client results that indicate a decline in motivation or performance will trigger an automated notification to alert you, allowing you to intervene and prevent potential attrition.

Customizable documents

Hexfit provides a document bank that can be used to aid customer engagement. You can upload your own documents and customize existing ones.

By centralizing the documents in one place, it makes it easier to keep track of and manage them for yourself and your clients.

Automated form submissions

Automated administrative tasks allow for the automatic sending of forms to clients during their process.

By doing this, you can guarantee consistent high quality.

Program creation

Hexfit provides the ability to quickly develop and implement custom exercise programs that can be tailored to each individual client, allowing for an engaging and interactive experience.

Mobile App

This tool allows you to stay in touch with your clients and monitor their progress even when you are not physically present. It also enables them to engage with you at any time and helps demonstrate the value of your services.

Learn more about Hexfit personal trainer spreadsheet

What is a personal trainer spreadsheet?

A personal trainer spreadsheet can be one of two things:

  • It can be a spreadsheet that you use as a personal trainer to support your client and follow their progress in terms of body goals, training goals, training exercise, etc.
  • It can be a document that you use as a personal trainer to follow your progression, income, expenses, to plan for a monthly budget. 

Either way, the personal trainer spreadsheet is an essential tool for any personal trainer to follow fitness objectives, medical background, and present level of fitness of their clients. It aids the personal trainer in evaluating the client's body composition, figuring out their fitness requirements, and developing a special workout regimen.

What is an accessible template?

An accessible template is a pre-designed spreadsheet that is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user. It typically includes pre-formatted cells and formulas that can be adjusted to suit different types of training and fitness goals.

What is included in the spreadsheet?

The personal trainer form can include various information from preparation for strength training to the detailed training movements required for the whole duration of exercises, from the  the components of a healthy lifestyles and a 5-week training plan for example. 

What is a 5-week training plan, and how can it help my clients achieve their training goals?

A 5-week training plan is a workout program designed to help your clients achieve their training goals over a period of 5 weeks. It can include abdominal exercises, leg exercise, and additional exercises per movement pattern that can help your clients build muscle endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.

What is training stress, and how does it affect my workout program design?

Training stress is the stress placed on the body during exercise. It can be used to prepare for strength training and can be managed by including separate training days for different muscle groups. This is especially important for beginner strength training and full-body weight training.

How can I incorporate leg training into my workout program design?

Leg training can be incorporated into your workout program design by including exercises that target the lower body muscles. These can include bodyweight-only conditioning workouts, type of circuit training, and weight training schedule.

What are primary exercises, and how can I incorporate them into my clients workout routine?

Primary exercises are the most important exercises that should be included in your clients workout routine. They include exercises that work multiple muscle groups, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Make sure your clients rest between exercises so it can help them recover and maintain a balanced exercise routine.

Why is it important to complete the spreadsheet?

Completing a personal trainer spreadsheet is important for several reasons:

  1. It helps you track progress: A personal trainer spreadsheet allows you to track progress by keeping a record of the exercises you perform, the amount of weight lifted, the duration of exercises, and the rest time taken. This data can help you evaluate your performance, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments to your workout program over time.

  2. It ensures a balanced workout routine: A personal trainer spreadsheet can help you create a balanced workout routine that targets different muscle groups and caters to a variety of fitness levels. By including a variety of exercises and movements, you can ensure that your workout program is well-rounded and effective.

  3. It helps you set and achieve fitness goals: A personal trainer spreadsheet can help you set and achieve fitness goals by providing a clear picture of your progress over time. By tracking your performance and making adjustments to your workout program, you can work towards achieving your fitness goals in a structured and systematic way.

  4. It facilitates communication with clients: A personal trainer spreadsheet can help you communicate more effectively with your clients by providing a clear and detailed overview of their workout program. This can help you build trust, establish clear expectations, and work towards achieving your clients' fitness goals in a collaborative and supportive way.

Where can I find some personal trainer spreadsheet templates?

Hexfit has dozens of personal trainer spreadsheet templates readily available and compatible with our personal trainer app. You can use our workout template, AMRAP workout template for a variety of fitness levels so you can adapt it to several clients and provide distinct sessions each with its own collection of movements. 

What is an AMRAP workout, and how can it benefit my workout program design?

An AMRAP workout is a type of circuit training that stands for "as many rounds as possible." It can help you increase your endurance and incorporate powerful, high-speed muscle contractions into your workout routine. These distinct sessions can be designed in minute sessions that can benefit your fitness goals over time.

How can I create an effective workout template using a personal trainer spreadsheet?

To create an effective workout template, you should include a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups and cater to a variety of fitness levels. The in-depth process of planning a workout template can include planning for actual client sessions and public collections, as well as including elite-level trainers.

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