The testing and analysis app for fitness professionals

Hexfit Lab is the universal tool for testing your customers in real time and making the right decisions. Save time and improve accuracy now!

Measures exercise physiology

No more tables, no more doubts about the final plateau, no more calculations to extrapolate VO2max: everything is done automatically.

Find out more about the essential aerobic tests :

  • VAM-Eval
  • Cooper
  • Half-cooper
  • Light
  • Light Butcher
  • YoYo Test
  • 30-15
  • 45-15
  • etc.

Evaluates anaerobic and metabolic potential:

  • Australian Shuttle test
  • Limit test
  • Power index
  • Lactic capacity

    Analyzes the posture and the movement

    Maintain measurements for major analytical and global strength and flexibility tests!

    • Understand the motor and postural patterns of the subjects:
      • Which muscles to strengthen or stretch?
    • Detect compensations in your patients and clients early:
      • Take the right decisions to correct them
    • Explore all the pillars of posture and mobility:
      • Analysis of passive posture from the front and in profile
      • Overhead squat in-depth
      • Analytical tests

    The jump test in your pocket

    Hexfit Lab uses scientifically validated algorithms from Samozino and Morin. The tool guarantees an upper & lower body force-velocity profile as accurate to within 2% as measured with a force platform.

    Explore all jumps:

    • CMJ (with countermovement)
    • SJ (loaded or unloaded jump squat)
    • SCMJ (stato-dynamic without counter-movement)
    • and even Drop Jumps.

    Determines precise indices of jump quality:

    • Contact time
    • Height
    • Jump power

    Set your theoretical benchmarks for real benchmarks:

    • Maximum force (F0)
    • Maximum speed (V0)
    • Maximum power (Pmax)

    What Hexfit Lab brings to your coaching

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    Follow the progress

    Test regularly to measure the effectiveness of your training plan on your customers.

    Improve your services

    Turn your tests into powerful motivationaltools for your coachees. Offer them clear objectives and a preciseevaluation of their performance.

    Identify & correct weak points

    Tester highlights an individual's strengths and weaknesses. The application gives you suggestions forimprovement.

    Save time

    No need for tables or calculations: theapplication automatically generates graphs and saves the results.

    Adapt your training plan

    Establish a solidtraining program, from initial test to adjustments along the way.

    Professionalize your coaching

    Track your clients directly in the application and share the results with your clients using a single tool.

    Try Hexfit Lab for free!