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An extension of your services to keep your clients on track to achieving their goals!

With the intuitive knowledge of health and fitness professionals we've build and app with the information and tools your clients need. With the knowledge and expertise from our side, we've turned these tools into a user-friendly, intuitive platform for your clients to use everywhere and anywhere in thier daily routine.




Have your clients download the Hexfit app today!

The Complete Training Tool

Share custom programs with your clients.

Let your clients complete their trainings with this easy to use intuitive tool.

Let them see exactly how to complete their exercises with visual aid videos.

Get their feedback to make sure they stay on track.



Activity Tracker

Assign trainings and activities to be done by your clients.

Let your clients track their progress by seeing what they've done and what they have left to do. 





Share documents with your clients.

Let them upload documents to share with you.

Have your clients complete the intelligent documents you send to them.


Data Tracker


In one simple step, let your clients enter the data you need to track with them.

Use this data to create reports and to track your clients evolution.


Get Connected


Have your clients sync all their devices to Hexfit.

Enjoy one point of connection to do the most in depth follow ups with your clients.

Let your clients sync Hexfit with their personal calendars to always stay on track.




Have your clients download the Hexfit app today!

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