In this beginning of 2017, it is now the time to look towards the future. To do this, we first need to take an introspective look at our last year. We have, therefore, asked for your opinion throughout the last few months. Our goal trough this, was to take the pulse of the actual situation and get to know the future desires of our clientele.
At Hexfit, we believe that through all our spheres of operation, transparency of our business is of utmost importance. This is why, we are sharing with you the results of our study and all the actions we will be taking on.

Customer Service

We place a high importance on “humanizing” our software by the availability of our team and the methods through which you can contact them. We continually strive to improve the value  of our customer service to achieve and surpass our standards of quality. On this subject, it’s clear that you don’t have many negative comments, and for this, we are very happy. In fact, you answered that you are 90.8% satisfied with our customer service!

However, by analysing your answers and the way you use Hexfit, we have made two decisions that will be established in 2017, the first of which will be in place very shortly:

  1. We will put into place an independent site which, when our site is down, will allow you to track our team’s progress on the resolution of the anomaly. Also, we'll use this site to post the upcoming updates to our software.
  2. Even though we have a median response time of 2 minutes for all your questions, many of you wish to be able to answer your questions independently. We will, therefore, create an online help to answer your most frequently asked questions.

The Product

Let us start with a round of applause for the 3.5 hours that Hexfit saves you per week! It's clear, that this is one of the many reasons why you are 80% statisfied with our software.

This being said, we ensured throughout the summer of 2016 to have our « Thursday Updates » and we have maintained this weekly rhythm ever since. The fact that you would recommend Hexfit at 80% encourages us to continue this policy. Rest assured that, Hexfit will continue to work on several sections of the software to respond to your needs. Therefore, here are the areas which will be prioritized for improvement :

  • Activity calendar;
  • Analysis of completed programs;
  • Reports and statistics.

With the objective of completely centralising your business, improving the speed and the intuitiveness of the software, here are the different functions that will be developed :

  • Nutritionist module;
  • Client preview:
  • More physical tests;
  • Ability to edit the attributes of exercises directly in the table;
  • Improve the client’s experience on the mobile app;
  • Improve the sharing possibility between professionals and their clients.

From their side, our partner, Physigraphe will create new images focused on rehabilitation and will improve the search terms in its vast exercise bank.

We will continue to work towards our vision of being the best tool for healthcare professionals, allowing you to reach your clients on platforms that they use on a daily basis. We are confident that many ideas will be realized in 2017!

Thank you for your confidence, we will continue to work together.

The Hexfit Team


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