Activities and smart devices


The activity tab allows you to track everything which you have planned for your client, and what your client has done throughout the month. Any programs you have assigned to your client will create gray activities. These are activities to be done by your client. The sessions within your program will appear on the appropriate dates based on the program’s settings you have configured (you will find out more about these settings in the Hexpert of Physigraphe course).

Hexfit understands that sometimes our schedules can be unpredictable, this is why your clients will always have access to complete their assigned sessions on the day which suits them best. For example, if you had planned a workout out for your client on Monday, if they have a hectic day, they can access this workout to complete it later on in the week.

When an activity is done by your client, it will appear in orange on the respective day of the activity calendar. This gives you a quick visual of if your client is completing their program as you had planned. These activities will give you information about your client’s training, such as their comments, duration, calories, etc.

At any time, you can create activities that are unrelated to an exercise program. You can do so by clicking on the “+” button in the bottom right corner. This function allows you to create any type of activity you need. You can select a type of activity to enter activity specific data, create a recurring activity, or attach a document to be automatically sent to your client for completion before or after the activity.

In order for you to have a comprehensive view of all the activities your client is doing throughout the month, they also have the possibility to create activities from their side. They can manually add activities or sync their smart watches to have them automatically created.

By having your clients sync their smart watches, the information about their activities can be centralized in one area and give you access to the data collected by these devices. Your clients can sync a wide array of devices including Fitbit, Polar, Garmin, and Strava. The data and information that is synced will vary depending on the device your client uses and what it calculates. This connection allows you to see data from your client’s activities, such as heart rate and speed, as well as daily data such as, resting heart rate and hours of sleep.  

With the idea of keeping things as simple as possible for your clients. They have the opportunity to sync their personal calendar with their Hexfit activity calendar. This will allow them to visualize their upcoming activities in their daily schedule to easily see what they need to do in the coming days, weeks, and months.


Make your way to the “Activities” tab of your client’s file.

  1. Click on the “+” button in the bottom right corner
  2. Add your activity:
    1. Name
    2. Date & time
    3. Notes (if needed)
  3. Select an activity from the list under “Event Details”
    1. Fill out any activity specific data
  4. Create a recurrence
    1. Click on “Recurrence” to drop down the settings
    2. Select how often you would like this activity to be repeated
  5. Attach a document to your activity to be completed by your client
    1. Click on “Attach a document” to drop down the settings
    2. Click on “Add a document”
    3. Select your document
    4. Select when you would like it to send (before or after the activity)
    5. Select the time frame in which it will be sent (how many hours or days)
Étienne Dubois

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