Analyze Training Results


To ensure you are able to work with your clients in the environment which will produce the best results according to their strengths, Hexfit gives you many different ways to share your programs.

In the Confirmation step of creating your program, you can share the program with your client through Hexfit to be completed on the mobile app, printed, sent as an electronic version by email, or have the visibility of the program only to yourself to complete alongside your client. No matter the method you choose, it is important to have assigned the program to your client or group (Information step), and publish the program or else it will remain in draft format.

When you a complete a program with a client on Hexfit, or if they complete the  program through the mobile app, you will be able to analyze the results of their trainings over time. This analysis happens in the “Programs” tab of your clients file. Select the program and session you would like to analyze by clicking on “See.” You will then see the option to “See Results,” this will  give you access to all the feedback from your client’s trainings.

The feedback readily available for analysis includes your client’s perception of effort, comments, the summary of volume & reps for each session and exercise, the date & time of the trainings, and the specific session results to insure your clients have complete the session as you have outlined. For example, you can monitor the weight they have used, see how many reps or what duration they have done, and much more!

These tools are in place to ensure you have the means to monitor whether your clients are completing their programs and sessions as planned, in order to track their evolution. It allows you to assess whether an intervention is needed with your client or if they are on track to achieving their goals.

Étienne Dubois

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