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To create a new program click on the “+ create” button in the top right corner of the “All Programs” tab. This will bring you to the Information step of creating your program. Building a program on Hexfit happens in a total of three steps; Information, Design, Confirmation. You can always see which step you are on highlighted in orange at the bottom of the page.

The purpose of the Information step is to define the general structure of your program. The mandatory information you must fill, is the program name and duration in weeks. Other information that can be added includes the recipient of the program, this is the client or group for whom you are creating the program. The program will be saved in the recipient’s file, however, if they see the program or not depends on the visibility settings you have chose in this section.

The visibility option allow you to choose who will see the program, this includes your client and any other professionals collaborating in their file. If the visibility permits it, the start date will determine when your client will have access to the program. Until the start date has arrived, the program will not be accessible to the client. This is therefore, a great tool to plan ahead of time, creating the programs your client will be doing in the coming weeks or months.

To summarize, these are the elements you need to check when you plan on sharing a program with a client.

  • Recipient- has the program been assigned to your client?
  • Visibility- is your client included in the visibility?
  • Start date- make sure the start date is not in the future.
  • Publish- has your program been published? (This is done in the Confirmation step)


Additionally in the Information step, you will be able to mark the program as a template, choose your client’s objective, and write any notes which will not be visible to your client.

Étienne Dubois

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