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The goal of the “Reports” section in your client’s file is to assimilate all the data you have collect to allow you to see your client’s evolution and progress. This will allow you to visualize if your client is on the right track to achieving their goal. The data you can analyse comes from the “Data” section of your client’s file, the data synced from their smart watches or devices, and the data collected during your client's trainings. You will find out more about how your clients can sync their intelligent devices through the Hexpert of the Client Version course.

The reports zone functions with an element we call boards. A board is a series of graphs you have chosen to be displayed, which will automatically update as data is added to your client’s file. When you have created an inventory of boards, you can assign default boards to your clients' files that are associated to the goal they are working towards. If a default board had not been assigned, Hexfit will try to auto assign one to your client based on the keywords of your board and the objective in your client’s file.

Once your board has been created and your graphs chosen, you can edit the graphs to display the information you need. You can modify the size, placement, order, time frame, or download them as needed.


Make your way to the “Reports” section of your client’s file to create your first board.

  1. Click on the “+” button on the top right side of the page

  1. Complete the information about your board
    1. Board name
    2. Keywords
    3. Visibility
  2. Click “Create”
  3. Click on the “+ add a graph” button to open an inventory of graphs
  4. Using the categories on the left, select the graphs you would like displayed in your client’s file. Keeping in mind you have only entered the height and weight for your client at this stage, it is normal that some graphs will not have any data to display.
  5. Once you have selected your graphs, click “Save”
  6. You can now:
    1. Modify the time period of your graph by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner graph,
    2. Drag and drop it into the order of your choice,
    3. Or change the size of your graph using the bottom right corner of the graph
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