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Although boards are a fantastic way to easily see the evolution of your clients, Hexfit gives you the flexibility to analyze and compare any information you need to do the most comprehensive follow-ups with your clients. This type of analysis can be done by creating a manual report.

Manual reports allow you to choose the data you would like displayed from the entire list of data available on Hexfit. This includes the information from the data section, the data synced from your client’s devices, and the data collected from your client’s trainings. Therefore, for example, you could analyse the amount of sleep your client gets (data synced from client’s device) compared to the total duration of their trainings within the week (client's training data). Manual reports also allow you the choice of any time frame, and to download the information in the format you choose.

Hexfit has integrated the programming language R to ensure any type of analysis is possible. Alongside the INSQ, Hexfit has developed a High Performance module for professionals working with high level athletes. This uses the INSQ’s knowledge, research, and calculations to create advanced reports. For example, reports analyzing aspects of your client’s training to predict their likelihood of injury in the near future. If you have high level athletes which require precise and complex analysis, request to speak  with a Hexpert to see if the INSQ High Performance module is right for you.


When in the “Reports” section of your client’s file, select the “Manual Report” button at the top of the page to begin creating your first manual report.

  1. Select the type of report you would like to create by choosing one of the following options in the top right corner of the page
    1. Weekly report
    2. Monthly report
    3. Annual report
    4. Custom report
  2. Select your time frame in the top left corner of the page
  3. Select the data you would like to analyse
    1. Weight
    2. BMI
  4. Click on “export” in the bottom right corner of the graph to view the export options:
    1. CSV file
    2. Image- PNG
    3. PDF
Étienne Dubois

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