Design the Plan


The second step of the plan’s creation is to design it. That section divides the page in two parts. On the left hand side you can see the meals for the different days of the week and on the right is the list of foods, recipes and models that you can use for you meals.

First of all, start by defining the structure of a day. By clicking on the pen of a specific day, you can name that day, then set the number of meals/snacks per day. You can also name each meal and set the time it’s supposed to be eaten. (if you don’t see the pen, simply click on the day you want to change, the buttons will appear then)

Once the structure is set, you can add elements coming from list on the right, that is: foods, recipes or model days. They represent the days that you have already created in that plan. You can drag and drop them in a specific day to complete it automatically.

Once a day is created, you can always repeat or clone it towards other days so you don’t have to create the same days multiple times. To do so, use the buttons “Repeat” and “Clone” that you’ll find left of the date of the day you are working on.


Start by creating your first plan following these steps:

  1. Click on the pen on the left of the date of the day you want to modify
    1. Choose a title for this day
    2. Add, delete or modify the meals and snacks of that day an save
  2. Drag and drop foods and recipes from the right section towards the day you want to set
  3. Clone that day towards other days of the month by sing the button “Clone”
  4. By doing so, complete all the days of the nutrition plan
  5. Click “Next” in the lower right corner of the page
Étienne Dubois

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