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Hexfit knows that there are many ways to describe and name an exercise, this is why your exercise bank can be completely personalized to your needs. By customizing your exercises, you can ensure your clients gets the exact information they need to successfully perform the exercises.

The “Exercise bank” tab is the area where you can completely customize all your exercises. To do this simply click on the pencil that appears when you hover your cursor of an exercise. You will then be able to edit all aspects of the exercise; the name, level of difficulty it will be for your clients, add your own images or videos, change the description, and add any keywords to help you find the exercise faster in the future.

Hexfit is a bilingual software, therefore, when you modify an exercise in English, you are also able to modify the French version of the exercise. This is useful if you are working with French clients, meaning when you share the program you’ve created, the software will automatically display the French versions of the exercises, if your client’s account is in French.

Any modifications made to an exercise in this section will be saved for each time you use the exercise in the future. If you would like to make a modification to the exercise guidelines for one client in particular, this type of modification will be made in the “Design” step of the program creation.

If ever you are unable to find the exercise you’re looking for, there are two option; create it yourself using the “+ create” button, or let us create it for you! With the help of our partner Physigraphe, we offer to create your exercises for free on demand. Once you have requested an exercise, it will generally be added in less than 24 hours! So if you are missing any exercises today, they can available to use tomorrow! To make a request, all you need to do is write to a Hexpert using the help button in the top right corner of the software. On average, we expand our exercise bank by roughly 60 new exercises every month!

Étienne Dubois

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