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Thanks to Hexfit’s partnership with Physigraphe, we have an exercise bank of well over 6000 exercises, which is continuously expanding. This can be found in the “Exercise bank” tab and provides you with an inventory of exercises that can be personalized for you to create your programs. The exercise are available in black & white, colour, and animation to provide your clients with the visual aids they need.

Since the exercise bank is so vast, we created several tools to help you find the exact exercises you are looking for. These tools include;

  • Keywords which can be personalized for each exercise,
  • Categories such as, strengthening, therapeutic, plyometric, and much more!
  • Exercise specific categories such as muscles worked, equipment used, or positions,
  • Other categories including yoga, aquatic, and power-lifting,
  • The level of difficulty of the exercise which can be personalized according to your clientele,
  • And of course, you can mark exercises as your favorites by clicking on the star button to easily find and use them again in the future!

When searching for your exercises, we recommend to begin with general terms to describe your exercise (for example: squat, lunge, press, etc.), before choosing more specific filters. However, Hexfit is an intelligent system, meaning the more you use it, the more it will adapt to your needs. The exercise bank will display your exercises in the order in which they are most frequently used.

If ever you are unable to find the exercise you’re looking for, there are two option; create it yourself, or let us create it for you! We add on average 60 new exercises every month to the bank based on the requested of our clients! To make this type of request, just write to a Hexpert using the Help button.

Étienne Dubois

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