The information section is the area where you can centralize the entirety of your client’s information. Whether it’s their general, medical, musculoskeletal, or specific data, it can all be classified appropriately in the individual sections.

Information can be added to this section by hovering your cursor over a category and clicking on the pencil or “+” buttons that appear.

The data section is where you can track any quantitative information with your client. This can vary from weight and height, to skinfold measurements, or specific physical tests. You can manually add new information by clicking on the “Add a new value” in the top right corner. In the Hexpert of Data course, you will find out more about the different ways to input data, and how Hexfit in an intelligent system which will do automatic calculations and classifications for you.


Make your way to the “Information” tab in your client’s file.

  1. Hover your cursor over the "General" section
  2. Click on the pencil which will appear in the top right corner
  3. Enter your client’s:
    1. Sex*
    2. Date of birth*
    3. Profession
    4. Activities
  4. Make sure to click on the check mark in the right corner to save this information
  5. Add Medical and Musculoskeletal information using the same process

*This information will allow the software to make certain calculations and classifications for you in the "Data" section

Étienne Dubois

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