Hexfit partners with the 2017 Kin Games

Hexfit is proud to be part of the 2017 Kin Games alongside all the kinesiologist associations.

We strive to remain involved and active in our user community in order to assure we continue to be the most complete software for kinesiologists. It is through this community that we are able to continually improve and advance our software. In our opinion, students represent the future. They embody where kinesiology is going, the future developments and innovations of the profession, and therefore, the future needs and updates of our software.

In addition to this, we believe that being a partner of the 2017 Kin Games alongside the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) is one of the best way to fulfill our mission.

We won't be support any specific team, but we will help everyone to encourage their teammates. Everybody will be receiving cheerstix and we hope that you'll all be making a lot of noise with them!!!

Let's go everybody! May the best team win! ...but all in the spirit of fun!


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