Magical Data (or Automatic!)


Hexfit is designed as an intelligent system to help make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient. This is why Hexfit will make automatic calculations and classifications for you as you input data into your clients' files. For example, if you add the height and weight of your client, their BMI with be auto-calculated and classified based on their information.

If you have a more precise means than Hexfit to calculate a data, simply enter your value and Hexfit will take into consideration your preference and stop further auto-calculations for that data.

Due to Hexfit’s flexibility, you can also create your own calculations that Hexfit will automatically do for you. You will find out more about this feature in the Hexpert of Administration course.


After having completed the practice of the previous lesson where you entered your client’s height and weight, you will now see how Hexfit makes automatic calculations for you.

  • Make your way to the “Data” section of your client’s file
  • Click on the “Body composition” category to see the drop down menu
  • Located the BMI, notice how it has been automatically calculated and classified for you
Étienne Dubois

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