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The tools in the “Manage documents” section of the “Administration” tab allow you to completely centralize your clients’ files on Hexfit by integrating any documents you are currently using with your clients. These can be forms, questionnaires, physical tests, evaluations, or any other document you use with your clients. Once the document has been created in this section, you will be able to complete it, or send it to your client for completion, through the “Overview” of your client’s file as a Document Intervention.

These electronic documents have limitless possibilities of formatting to ensure your document can easily be created. As you build your documents, there are three types of components of information to be added; modules, data, and fields.


The Modules are preset physical tests which can be inserted into your document. They have been created to automatically calculate and classify the results as they are being completed. These include, gripping force, vertical jump test, balance test with eyes open or closed, and much more!


The Data component includes all the data which can be tracked in the “Data” section of your client’s file. This list will also include any custom data you have created. Simply select the data to insert the information you would like to complete on this document.


The Field component allows you to enter any additional information into your document, such as questions. Depending on the answer you are expecting, you can choose the appropriate field. For example, long text, short text, numerical, or check boxes.

As these electronic documents are completed, any information added into the modules or data components will automatically be saved into the “Data” section of your client’s file. They are then readily available for analysis in the “Reports”  section as needed. All documents completed, by you or your client, will be automatically saved in the “Documents” section of the client’s file in PDF format. The documents can then by edited, downloaded, or shared by modifying the visibility.


Make your way the “Manage personalized data” section of the “Administration” tab to create your first electronic document on Hexfit.

  1. Click “Create” in the top left of the page
  2. Select one of the module components for example “Gripping force”
  3. Select a data component to be added, for example “Weight”. Make sure you have added the name of the data to your document beforehand with the formatting you would like.
    1. You can change the size of the box to input the data on your document by clicking on the box next to “Inline block”
    2. Select the unit of measure of your data 
    3. By clicking the box next to “Preset with file value” the data will be auto completed in the document with the previously entered data in the client’s file
  4. Type a question onto your document using the formatting options at the top of the document
  5. Select the type of field component needed to answer the question created, for example a long text
  6. Fill in the Advanced options available at the top of the page to determine the visibility of the document and what type of intervention it will create
  7. Name your document and click “Save”
  8. Make your way to a client’s file under the “Overview” section
  9. Click to complete a Document Intervention. Your newly created document will be available in this section.
Étienne Dubois

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