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The foods section of the nutrition module allows you to find all the foods that you will use to create nutrition plans. Hexfit holds a complete bank of foods that is categorized in different groups of foods. To find the food that you are looking for, you can go through categories or simply use the keywords search tool.

Just like the rest of Hexfit, the nutrition module was designed to offer a maximum flexibility for professionals. Accordingly, you have the option to create your own foods and customize the existing ones. You can also view details of the nutrients in all the foods integrated in Hexfit.



Create food

  1. Press ‘’create a food’’ in the upper right corner .
  2. Choose a name for the food
  3. Choose keywords to facilitate the search of this food

View the nutrients details of a food

  1. While hovering a food, click on ‘’i’’ that appears at the right end
  2. View the nutrients of the food
  3. Click on ‘’edit’’ in the lower right to modify the name and/or the keywords leading to this food
Étienne Dubois

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