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Hexfit was created with a vision of flexibility and the goal of meeting your needs. On top of tracking all the data already available on Hexfit, as we saw in the Hexpert of Data course, you can create any type of data category you need. This allows you to track the evolution of any information with your clients.

Custom data creation can be done through the “Administration” tab under the section “Manage personalized data.” This section allows you to create any type of data you wish to track with your clients. From the simplest of data, to the most complex of data, all can be created! For example, you can create an additional body measurements, or physical tests, or even the acute chronic ratio.

When you are working with complex data, Hexfit would like to help you as much as possible by doing your calculations automatically for you. As you create a new data by clicking on the “+ create” button, you will have the option to enter a formula. As the necessary information in the formula is imputed into a client’s file, Hexfit will automatically calculate your custom data for you!


Make your way to the “Manage personalized data” section of the “Administration” tab.

  1. Click on “+ create” in the top right corner of the page
  2. Enter your data name
  3. Next to “Type of data,” select how you would like your data measured
  4. Next to “Category,” select under which category you will find your data in Hexfit
  5. Choose the visibility of the data
  6. Click on the box next to “Allow changes by the customer” if you would like your clients to input information for this data
  7. Optional: click on the box next to “Formula” to add a calculation to be done automatically for you
Étienne Dubois

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