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Hexfit offers the possibility of different levels of access for professional accounts in order for you to manage your business with the structure you want. In the “Manage professionals” tab you will be able to manage the entirety of the professionals in your business and add new professionals as needed. This allows you to collaborate with your colleagues on one platform to give your client the best follow-ups possible.

When you work with other professionals on Hexfit you will be able to share needed information about clients or groups, instill protocols on documents and programs to use, and monitor your employees actions. All with the mindset of collaborating towards your clients’ success.

When you would like to add a professional, click the "+ create" button in the top right corner. You can then enter the basic information for the new account. Some important settings to look out for are the profile of the account and modules activated.

The Profile will determine what features the account will have access to. For example, an employee will not have access to the administration tab, whereas a manager will have the administration function to manage all the clients in their branch. There is also an option to create professional accounts with access to no features, these are know as “Read-only” accounts. These are useful if you would like to share information about your client with a professional who does not work with Hexfit. You can give them access to see the information you would like to share, without giving them access to make any modifications. These types of accounts allow for interprofessional communication and are completely free to create as needed!

The Modules you activate on an account will determine which functions they will have access to use with their clients. The Hexfit module refers to the entirety of the client tracking features, while the Powerkin module refers to the entirety of the program creation and exercise bank features.

To create a professional, an access needs to be added to your account. Simply communicate with a Hexpert through the help button to make this type of modification (unless you are creating a Read-Only account).

Étienne Dubois

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