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The second step of creating a program is the Design step. This is where you will be able to create any type of program you need with the use of our session system. Sessions are the different trainings or workouts you want your client to do within a single program. For example, session 1 = upper body, session 2 = lower body. You can create new sessions from scratch or they can be cloned from programs you have already created .

Once your session is created, you can begin adding exercises to your program. To the right of the page you will see the expandable exercise bank. You will learn more about how to master finding the exercises you need in the coming lessons. To add exercises to your session, simply click on the “+” button which appears when hovering you cursor over the exercise.

As with all parts of Hexfit, the Design step was made a flexible as possible. You can therefore drag and drop your exercises in to the order you want, or link exercises together to create super-sets and circuits.  

Each exercise can be individually configured with the information and attributes you would like. To do this click on the pencil button in the top right corner of the exercise. There are two main categories of information to be added, weight or cardio. In either of them, you can add the number of sets or phases you desire with a wide range of different information to be added including; reps, tempo, distance, duration, target heart rate, and speed- just to name a few!

The programs can be as simple or as complex as needed. Each set or phase you add to an exercise can be customized, as well as, each week within the program, and the number of times you would like them repeated. This means any type of program can be created, whether it’s pyramidal, progressive, interval, etc.

Some key features that will help you save time include the option to clone the attributes of an exercise onto other exercises in your session. This avoids double entry and exponentially speeds up the creation process. You can therefore, clone all aspects of a program, session, or exercise. This function can be found in the top right corner of the exercise next to the replace feature.

Replacing an exercise allows you to switch an exercise currently in your session with a new one from the exercise bank. This is a great tool when using templates. This allows you to keep the structure and information you have previously created while switching the exercise for a new one.

Of course Hexfit understands that all your clients are different and may require specific personalizations. This is why you can add notes to a session to be shared with your clients, or tailor the guidelines of how to perform an exercise to the capabilities of your clients.


Now that you understand the concepts and possibilities of creating a program, try it for yourself by clicking “+ create” in the top right corner of the “All programs” section.

Make sure to:

  1. Fill out your program details in the Information step,
  2. Build your sessions in the Design step, and
  3. Publish your program in the Confirmation step.
Étienne Dubois

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