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To create a new nutrition plan, simply click on the button “+create” in the upper right corner of the “plans” section. The creation of a nutrition plan is divided in three steps: Information->Design>Confirmation. You can always know what step you are working on by taking a look at the three Titles in the lower middle of the page. The step you are working on is appears in orange.

The information section of the plan allows you to define the general structure of your nutrition plan. The name of the plan, it’s starting date and end date are all information that you MUST enter before continuing to the next step. However, to optimize your use of the nutrition module, we strongly suggest that you fill in all the information at this step.

Then, you can choose a recipient to share the plan with. You will also need to choose the visibility of the plan and it’s details. Finally, the objectives allow you to set the amount of micro/macro-nutrients that your client needs to ingest daily.

Finally, at the information step, you can define the plan as a model by clicking the star right next to the name of the plan.


To be able to better understand the information section of a nutrition plan, we suggest to start by creating your first nutrition plan by filling up the following entries:

  1. Name
  2. Start and end date
  3. Recipient
  4. Plan’s visibility
  5. Plan’s details visibility
  6. Objectives
    1. Choose a micro/macro nutrient
    2. Set the daily amount to ingest and the unit
    3. Click on “Add”
    4. Repeat to set all the nutritional objectives
  7. Click on “Next” at the bottom right
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