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The last step of the creation of the nutrition plan is the confirmation, where you can first publish the plan to make it active in the client’s file. As long as the plan is not published, it is considered as a draft, which is not visible by the clients.

A plan can also be downloaded as a PDF file to be printed or sent to the client. When downloading, an option page will pop up. Amongst these options, you’ll be able to select specific dates, choose the orientation of the page (landscape or portrait), the language and text size. You’ll even be able to download the grocery list of the client


To get used to with the different options, there is no better way than making your own tests !

Try to choose different dates, play with the orientation of the page and visualize the grocery list. You will then be able to personalize the follow up with your client according to his specific needs !

Étienne Dubois

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