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Although the functions in a group are almost identical to those of an individual client’s file, there are some important differences which facilitate your group’s management.

If you collect & record multiple clients’ data at the same time, we understand it can be tedious to enter the information individually in each client’s file. This is why groups allow for multiple data entry. In the “Members” tab of the group, select “Add a value” to choose which data you would like to input in the group members’ files. This will create a table, much like in Excel, to enter the appropriate data for each individual. Due to the interconnectedness of Hexfit, all the data will be saved in the appropriate clients' files. Each clients’ data will then be visible in the “Data” section of their file and will update any reports effected.

The “Reports” tab in a group allows you to create boards and select graphs as you would in a client’s file. However, you can also analyse multiple or all groups members’ information at the same time. Other special features you can add to group reports are the average, minimum, maximum, sum, and median values of a graph. These key differences allow you to centralize all information you need to analyse your clients’ evolution and determine the appropriate interventions needed.


Using the group you have created in the previous lesson, you will now learn how to add data into a group and use the specific report functions.

  1. Go to the “Members” tab and click on “Add a value” in the bottom right corner
  2. Choose the data you would like to input into your clients’ files and click “Save”
  3. Fill in the required fields and click on “Save” in the bottom right corner
  4. If you return to the “Data” section of a group member’s file, you will see the data you’ve newly entered from the group

Make your way back to the group under the “Reports” section

  1. Next to the “+” button, select the board you previously created during the Data Analysis lesson.
  2. To the left of the “Change period” button you will be able to choose which group member’s information you would like displayed
  3. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of a graph and select “+ Elements”
  4. You can then choose the type of information you would like added to your graph and click “Add”:
    1. Average
    2. Mean
    3. Maximum
    4. Minimum
    5. Sum
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